Kotetsu Jeeg

hengenjizai, tenmagedou,
(Always Changing, Demonic Hersey,)

yami no kehai ga semaru
(signs of darkness draw nearer)

mondoumuyou, nasakemuyou, ikki ni keri wo tsukero!
(No point in arguing, no use for pity, end this at once!)

kiseki no PAWAA , hikari no SOURU
(The power of a miracle, A soul of light)

arashi to tomo ni, raimei no naka
(together with the storm, within the thunder)

(Transform! Become a God!)

tatakitsukero! sono kobushi wo
(Smash into them! Your fists!)

uchikudake! aku no yabou!
(Shatter it! The ambitions of evil!)

ankoku no kumo wo fukiharae!!
(Blow away the clouds of darkness!)


asu no sora e,
(At tomorrow’s sky,)

kagirinai yume wo misete,
(Holding a neverending dream,)

arehateta sekai ni kibou wo,
Bring Hope to a ruined world,)

inishie no kami no waza ni,
(An ancient god’s skills,)

atsui yuuki wo komete ,
(With passionate courage),

saikyou no keshin wa tatsu!
(The strongest incarnation rises!)



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Thought it was in lego creations. If not, then my bad,

It was in Creative Content. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then my bad :slight_smile: mistakes happen
Thanks for moving it, tho

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Are you going through a phase?

Same complaints/compliments as the last one.

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I like this one a bit better then the other one. But again the studs do bother me a bit. But I understand.

If by “phase”, you mean “wanting to make a bunch of classic anime mechas”, then yes. It’s not trying to be too complex, as the source material isn’t that complex.

and sorry, @Groovesday

And while I’m at it, why not a comparison shot w/ my custom Mesonak I did a while ago?


This MOC is awesome! I really like how you made the design very angular.

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