Kotobukiya Frame Arms Type 001 and Renewal Grey

Instead of working on a new video this weekend like usual, I put together two model kits that I have had lying around my room since before Christmas.
They are the Architect Type 001(silver/gunmetal) and the Architect Type Renewal (Dark grey/ light grey/ blue eye).
I call them Mercedes (type 001) and Jolly Roger (Renewal Grey) after the two bands I listened to while building them. LOL
(Mercedes Lackey, and ‘The Jolly Rogers’ respectively)
Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms line is basically a competitive series to Bandai’s long running Gunpla series.
The key differences between the two are that Kotobukiya’s kits are all original designs, plus you can buy a basic frame (like these) separately from the armaments and armor plates. That is both a blessing and a curse because, well you have to buy just about EVERYTHING to make these frames into battle ready robots.

The robots themselves are scaled to the same scale as a Gundam Master Grade kit, 1/100 scale, but they’re around the same height of a Gundam High Grade kit.
I guess that means they’re smaller than the Mobile suits in a real life situation.
They do not have Bandai’s quality though, even when compared to a High Grade kit.
(these swords I bought separately from the robots themselves)

If you buy one, I suggest using glue to secure some of the parts in place, because these things fall apart easily when you pose them.


BUT WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THESE HUGE SWORDS! what’s even the point of having one like that when you can use a small one more manageable is that the word used for tools?

anyway, other than the stupid sword, the figures look great, and so do the pictures

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pretty cool!

Because you can do this with them:

These are pretty cool looking, even if they are basic frames. I can see quite a bit of potential for these, depending on how versatile the armor plates are.

And I, for one, like the obnoxiously long sword.

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Thanks dudes!

Yeah that is a big sword. It kinda reminds me of the red ranger’s sword from Shinkenger/PR Samurai.

One review I watched for these said that the armor plates did inhibit the articulation, but they look pretty cool :slight_smile:

Here are some examples of the armor kits



After doing some minimal research, I found this one and it looks quite interesting to me.

Since I’ve recently had some thoughts about trying out model kits, I’m interested to know how the quality of these things are, especially for their price (the one pictured being $32 on Amazon).

I would also like to know which kit that giant sword comes from. I did some light searching and couldn’t find them.


The frame’s quality is fairly good, but you may want to put glue in some of the parts because they are not 100% secure when it comes to posing.
Now be warned, I have heard that some sets have the frame in them, while others don’t.

All of the swords in these pics came from this pack. I bought double so I could have two of everything.
I actually got two of these Katana packs, also

They even have LED lightsabers…

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Im sure nobody could even lift that thing, and if you tried to cut something it half with that the gravity would rekt you, so I dont think it’s really that useful