Koza, Vanguard of the Cataclysm revamp

Here it is. The revamp to my self-moc. Please submit ideas for my next revamp of Koza. Another thing, His back story is shrouded in mystery. Please give your thoughts and theories too.


Sorry. My laptop died.

RIP :wink:

I love his hand design! You should really be proud of it!

Thank you.

Now that I can see it, it is indeed quite good.
The only problem I have is with the…no wait… *notices that the three-stud-long Technic piece on the hand isn’t the thumb * …as I was saying the only problem I have is with…nothing.

No problem. :smiley:

Pretty cool! I like the colors quite a bit. The hands are cool, but they seem too big.

This isn’t about the MOC, but I feel the whole “mysterious backstory” is a bit overdone.

It is so people can come up with their own stories with him.

Ah. I see.

Please post what you think that his backstory should be.

Well, I based my own Self-MOC’s starting point off of my own life. Since he’s your Self-MOC, if I were you, I’d base it off of your own life.

If you think I should do that, why don’t you make a backstory for Koza based on your life.

One thing I forgot to mention, there are no cheat pieces or painted pieces. Just felt I should notify you all.