Koza, Vanguard of the cataclysm

He is my first (and currently only) self moc. This is only my first version of him. With enough likes, I will modify him and post a photo on the messageboards.



Sorry I forgot the photo.

If I can get at least 15 likes within the next month, I will post his next form.

That's pretty good.

Thank you! He wasn't an easy character to build.

I like.

Looks pretty nice to me! A bit difficult to see some of the build techniques that you used due to the lighting, but from what I can see, I like his construction. The torso looks particular well done.



If I can get 15 likes, I will upload better lit pictures. Thanks for the notification.

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I have been contemplating what my next version of Koza should use as a weapon. Post what you want for a weapon. Which ever one can get the most likes. Will be used in my next version.

Protosteel scythe! Those are awesome!

Its neat.. only thing that bothers me is Name... Koza is Goat in polish xD

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I didn't know that! lol

It also means cocoon in Turkish

Thank you for the suggestion. I will be uploading photos of my revamp soon!

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My revamp is up in the creative content catergories. Check it out!

You do realize that you have the only 'Like' Eljay has ever given, right?

The only 'Like' Eljay has ever given!!! smiley


He liked my past version of Koza too. I am the only one he likes I guess. Maybe it is because I made him a fan club.

He never got the 15 likes.

I didn't really care after I got 10. I decided to make a revamp anyways. You can look it up if you want.