Kozær, Toa of Plasma - By Sidorak

Kozær, Toa of Plasma


Maybe get an Orange mask instead of that gold one? Doesn’t really fit with the color scheme.

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I know, but I don’t have orange masks :confused:

Ah, that’s a shame.
Silver or grey maybe? The MOC looks pretty dang dandy regardless.

I have the Silver Dume mask, but that’s on my other Moc, that I’m uploading. :slight_smile:

I really like the color scheme, though (as PNuju mentioned) it looks more like a Toa of Iron.

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Yes the gold mask makes him seem weird to me and the jetpack I don’t agree with but again such a great moc. I especially love the orange blades and how you used them. I really love those small blade pieces.

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Yeah, i have a LOT of those orange blades from Power Miners sets.
And if there will be new orange BIONICLE sets with orange mask in G2, I’ll totally get it.

This is a pretty cool MOC. I have to agree with @Risebell, he could use a orange, grey, or silver mask, but I understand you not having the parts available for it. The only problem I have with the MOC is the legs being a little skinny, especially with the bulky body, the feet are fine though. But other than that I think this MOC is pretty awesome, keep up the good work. :thumbsup:


That big Megatron like gun makes him really bulky i think :smiley:

I like the look of it. Like others have said the mask doesn’t fit, and I don’t really like the jet thing because it sticks out so far, but aside from that it’s pretty nice and the color scheme is neat.

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I really love the colors. It’s hard to go wrong with orange a in my opinion.

Others have already mentioned the mask, the only other thing I kind of don’t like is the jetpack feels a bit awkward sticking out so far. But other then that I really like this MOC!

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Very nice dress-up of an Inika build! The jetpack and skyblaster stick out a bit too much though.

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