Kozmobots GUARDIANS of the UNIVERSE or SOMETHING! (LDD creation)

Thanks to @TeslaEffect, @JediTimeLord824, @Kardax @ToaVakota for the names, these are the Kozmobots, guardians of the universe or something (yes, that is their official title.) The copper one is Byzathium, the gunmetal one is ash, and the light blue one is Gage. I made these in LDD, and I think they’re pretty cool. Let me know what you think!


The bronze one could be named Rotor, purely in a Hero Factory reference.

Titantium could be named Gog. Looks like he has goggles and all.

Blue one looks feminine to me. Gage sounds good.

These are really interesting looking. Nice work.




I like their dystopian look and imagine them being space military robots stranded on a planet, a desert one by the looks of the tan on the robots, maybe with abandoned cities and mines and even farms of some kind. I’d name them (from left to right) Amber, Ash, and Sapphire. They look really cool.

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Good job.

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The bronze one would be Bzyathium, the steel one would be Dylathium and the blueish one I want to call cobalt would be cyrannium.

These babies now have names, so we are keeping/adopting them :blush::heart:

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“Kozmobots” sounds to me like they should be a cyberpunk band. They look nice; there’s a lot of character in these builds. I’m especially fond of Ash, since the studs used for his eyes make it look like he’s wearing goggles.


I quite like the level of character prominent in each, particularly with Ash, given those eyes.

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Yeah, actually the goggles sorta came about by accident lol