Kra-Piraka the Witch Doctor

Kra-Piraka is a mysterious being that traverses the thick jungles of Le Wahi which frightens any matoran who goes near it


He uses a staff which he uses to hypnotise and uses sorcery


What Kra-Piraka looks like when he is not in combat

When he is in combat (he can also fly)


The moc looks a bit Strange with the long and awkward limbs but the chest plate and staff look kinda cool
5.5/10 add armor to the joints and change the upper arm

I guess the skinnier limbs would make him look more nimble and agile, but the choice of limbs (Inika double socket and Hordika leg) are very gappy.

Replace those with more solid looking limbs, or at the very least use technic bits or small armor plates to cover up the gaps.

Since he is like a witch doctor, try adding on some ornamental armor bits like Stars Gresh scale pieces. Those types of add-ons add more bulk without making him look buff.

He needs a chest too.

what is your part limitations like?

all of you mocs use inika parts in some way,
so I’m wondering.

Well when i got Bionicles I made Properly was when the Inika build was introduced and I have been buying some off ebay such as Kohli Matoran. And I am waiting for Toa Mata Kopaka so i will try to make some custom torsos soon

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It’s very spindly and unusual, but in a way, that actually makes it look good.

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Thanks @Gresh113 . I made him without armour so he would look more primal

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He’s a a Piraka (a Shadow afiliated one, no less) with a Bohrok head?


I see where you got confused @Sakurai
His name is supposed to be Shadow (Kra)-Murderer (Piraka)


usually you don’t make the name quite so, literal.
derive from the matoran, don’t copy paste it into a name.
like krairak.


shadow murderer the witch doctor


"So kids, This Matoran of light was only hafl-transformed into bohrok due to poor set design. Mahrok (matoran-bohrok) later killed two piraka (or mabey two bad guys?). Three years later, he saw HF Witchdoctor which was designed in better manner, so he tried to rip him off.

To that day he is known as the shadow murderer


Thats stuff outta the way, i dont realy have anything to say, other than he looks like half-transformed matoran of light


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Kind of too basic, and the head is too big for the skinny limbs. Colors aren’t great either. Keep trying, though!

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