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Hello again! This topic is my full biography of Kraahkan. Once again, there are spoilers in the story (not that it matters much, since I have no plans on when or even if I create an actual complete story in novel/fanfic form). This biography has more spoilers than normal because Kraahkan is a key character within the story, and thus is involved in much of it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the MOC and the biography!

Also, I will be out of town for the next week or two, so this will be the last major topic I create for some time. I hope to create a new topic shortly after I get back, but I have no idea how things will play out. I am still reachable, I will be able to respond to replies, PMs and any other forms of questions you have. That said, enjoy Kraahkan’s bio!

The Poster is the only photo of the most recent Kraahkan MOC, all the others have different shins and feet.

Back side:

Action Pose:

Also, left and right arms were accidentally flipped for these shots (just ignore and pretend like they’re correct).

Kraahkan, the second son of Shiah, became conscious in the core of Trione when the Mask of Shadows was created by Shiah. The reason for his creation was to obtain a means of travel from Halda Ronya’s dimension to Dimension Beta. Halda Ronya and the gods knew that Primordial Energy, or anything stemmed from it, could not help them escape. However, Halda Ronya was able to discern that Shadow Energy could provide the means to their escape. Keedop, though not actually an original god, but a Uonian Council member, was highly intellectual and believed he could find a way to harness the power of Shadow Energy to a device capable of opening a dimensional gateway to another dimension (he had reason to believe it would work. After all, it worked for teleportation within their own dimension). After many failed attempts, Shiah approached Keedop and suggested that perhaps the entirety of Shadow Energy could not simply be controlled by a machine with outputs and inputs, and that it needed a will. Keedop, though unsure of this, concluded it would be worth a try. However, since Keedop was not a god gifted with the power to create a being with its own will, was unable to create such a being. Shiah seemed to be the best candidate to create a Will of Shadows. Afterall, he most frequently used Shadow Energy and had the most power within him, as he was the Trionian God. Shiah decided that though a will was necessary, a natural body was not. Instead of modelling a body after the natural way they existed - permanently fused to the soul/life force - Shiah decided that he would fuse the Will of all Shadow Energy to a mask. Thus the Mask of Shadows, was made. The Will of Shadows had formed and been permanently intertwined with the mask. Upon his first moments the Will became aware of all that had ever happened within view of Shadow Energy. It took sympathy with Halda Ronya and the beings he had created. After making it clear he was sided with Halda Ronya and the gods, the Will of Shadows proclaimed his name would be Kraahkan. He was given an armor set he could control with Shadow Energy, but proved inadequately able to use it efficiently (basically, he couldn’t fight).

(I haven’t designed Kraahkan’s first armor set, and I’m not sure if I will, just since there are so many other MOCs I want to create, and I’ll probably forget about this one)

Kraahkan, from that time on, aided Halda Ronya and the other gods beside his father in opening passage to Dimension Beta. During this time, Shiah also forged the Blade of Shadows, a weapon stored in the shadow realm that symbiotically links all Shadow Energy to supply its power (the shadow realm crosses dimensional boundaries, so it includes the power of shadows within any dimension Shadow Energy is present in). Once this power is harnessed, it is used to convert any object it comes in contact with, provided it is not shielded in some way, into Shadow Energy. Since the blade is connected to all shadows, when it is summoned to anywhere but the shadow realm, it weakens all shadows to help supply it and any energy not returned with the blade to the shadow realm, such as energy used as an attack is lost as Shadow Energy outside the realm and within whatever dimension it was expended in. There is no weapon more dangerous in any dimension than the Blade of Shadows and it still has never struck something it cannot destroy (really turn to Shadow Energy). Shiah created this blade initially to be supplied by his own power (which while not as strong, proved to be more than a match for a number of small moons and asteroids), but after defeating the original council and relinquishing the blade to Kraahkan, decided rather than having the Kraahkan expend energy placed within his armor set to fuel the blade, he could use his power to symbiotically link it to the shadow realm for more power. After the defeat of the original Council of Great Beings, Kraahkan made his journey home. Sadly however, at the time of his homecoming, the second Great War was underway. During the war, Kraahkan was able to familiarize himself with many well known people fighting for the allied gods such as his older brother Scrosh. Another person who Kraahkan became well acquainted with was Keedop’s daughter Eska. Eska, however, was not technically Keedop’s daughter, since Keedop could not create a living will. Eska was actually a normal Uonian who had been enhanced from creation by Keedop. The two of them worked together on almost every assignment and became quite close (Eska and Kraahkan were practically just as close, or even closer, than Athdrivar and Meku, almost to an extent that could be considered, from our point of view, slightly romantic, but it wasn’t). Once again, however, Kraahkan had a run of bad luck, though this time he was not the one in danger. On a scouting assignment at an abandoned Grid research facility (The Grid was a system developed by Tan Srah designed to transport people while being completely undetectable, though it proved to have many flaws when not managed properly and required larger amounts of power than Shadow Energy) a trigger was set off initially meant to transport anyone within the building to a different area (this was originally a safety mechanism), however a problem occurred and while Kraahkan escaped, Eska was lost in the Grid and was never found until after the Merge into Dimension Beta.

For the remainder of the second Great War, and the time that the Metru of the Gods was under construction, Kraahkan worked on becoming more able to function while using an armor set and aided his brother, Kronus to delay the Neoteric Council’s arrival in their dimension. Shiah and Keedop worked together to construct an armor set more specific to his needs. The new set provided Kraahkan with the ability to store unnaturally abundant storages of Shadow Energy within his armor to allow him to not only use faster while in battle, but also be more in tune with the armor set itself. The armor was built from a material made specifically for its purpose, and was mostly built from Shadow Proto Matter (the physical manifestation of Shadow Energy).

Kraahkan was the first to notice the Council’s arrival. Though he was just as powerless to stop them as everyone else. Before anyone knew it, Halda Ronya had gone to confront his enemies. Only Kraahkan heard the actual dialogue between the Council and Halda Ronya (this dialogue will be I Halda Ronya’s bio). However, instead of joining his brother and the gods in battle to avenge Halda Ronya, Keedop pulled Kraahkan aside and explained his interpretation of the best coarse of action. With Halda Ronya dead, they would all soon be forced into Dimension Beta, and preparing for that would be necessary. Kraahkan and Keedop made a swift escape directly into Dimension Beta.

After the Merge to Dimension Beta, Kraahkan accompanied Keedop to the edge of the Alkainis System to work on the construction of a secret planet. Kraahkan, specifically, was needed for this because he could shield the in-construction-planet from the Primary Being Council. At one point, Kraahkan discovered the existence of a mysterious shale with the power to create (thanks to having essentially eyes everywhere Shadow Energy exists). After consulting with Keedop and deciding it best that they attempt to ally with this shale, Kraahkan sent word to Scrosh and Kronus that this Shale would need to be brought to Keedop (though any being infused with Shadow Energy can sense the basic emotions and desires of Kraahkan, only those who are allowed to, and do wear A mask of shadows can actually non verbally communicate with Kraahkan). Scrosh decided Athdrivar and CAG could bring the Shale to his hideout (Kronus was investigating the locations of the original council members at the time, and would not be able to return for about the same time than it would take for a retrieval mission. Scrosh was needed at the hideout on Eremus Noctae to guard the hideout at all times). Kronus said he would come to the hideout as soon as his investigation was complete.

When Athdrivar and CAG returned with the Shale, Kronus had discovered the seals of the original council members had been broken by a disturbance caused by Halda Ronya’s dimension merging with Dimension Beta. While this was happening, Mist had broken into the hideout forcing Scrosh and Rah to hold him off while everyone else evacuated. When Kronus arrived a few days later, a funeral service was underway. Kronus attended part of it, but soon left to find Mist. Kraahkan informed Kronus of where Mist was (naturally, the two both wanted revenge). Kronus destroyed Mist by exposing Mist to an incredible amount of both Shadow and Raw (the energy Creation Particles naturally produce) Energy from his chest storage.

After observing the destruction of Mist, Kraahkan also became aware of Shivek nearby and told Kronus. Kronus found Shivek lying on the ground with a broken mask and damaged body (Mist’s doing). Kraahkan had noticed Shivek in the past, and observed that he did not appear to be evil, and in all likelihood was unaware of the truth of Halda Ronya. Kraahkan decided that perhaps Kronus could bring him to their side of the fight. It did mean someone else would be responsible for accompanying the shale of creation to the Alkanis system (where Kraahkan and Keedop were located). Knowing that if Shivek truly was against them, Kronus could still destroy him just the same, he decided it was worth the risk. Kraahkan had Kronus inform Meku to accompany the shale on his journey.

During the time of the journey, Kraahkan remained watchful of their progress, from the laboratory in the Alkanis system. An unexpected turn of events occurred along Meku and the shakes path to the Alkanis system. The two discovered an energy pattern unlike anything existing in Dimension Beta. It was matter in an energy state stemmed from Shadow Energy. The shale was able to convert it into its natural state, and to their surprise, it was a being from Halda Ronya’s dimension. Kraahkan was even more surprised because he knew them. It was Eska. When the trio arrived at Keedop’s lab, there was a happy reunion between Eska and Kraahkan and Keedop.

Afterward, Keedop inspected the shale (who at this point they discovered was ok with his nickname Soc, for Shale of Creation), and found that the thought to be shale was really no species ever heard of. Soc’s life force was Shadow Energy, yet he was able to create (as it turned out, the merge from Halda Ronya’s dimension created a natural will from ambient Shadow Energy mixed with the laws of dimensions - see Creation Particles doc). Keedop discovered that by supplying his life force with more abundant amounts of Shadow Energy, it would be possible to create a planet that Shadow Energy could be produced in. The procedure went smoothly and the planet was soon after, well under rapid construction. Within a month, the planet was complete. Keedop was able to funnel Soc’s ability to create into a system capable of distributing and organizing newly formed matter into whatever was needed. Keedop also programmed the system to construct an energy cool similar to the storage device within Shiah and Kronus’ chests, only this coil could directly produce random life forms, thanks to Soc’s ability to create being replicated within it. During this time, Kraahkan spread word of the planet to the gods and any other powerful beings such as the materax and vorta (it was agreed that while the planet was intended to be a refuge, it would have to wait until the after the Council of Primary Beings was dealt with. Otherwise they would be in just as much danger). At the same time, Kraahkan, Eska and Meku served as the Knights of Shadow guarding the newly formed planet. Not long after the Knights of Shadow were established, Shivek, aided by Kronus, discovered the truth behind the Council of Primary Beings, and the two of them joined the Knights of Shadow as well. There weren’t many attacks the Knights faced at first, and once Shiah and Tan Srah arrived, it was no longer their fight alone. At this time, however, Steam was not with the other gods, but in the Esen system taking the fight to the most valued planet belonging to the Primary Beings within Dimension Beta, Freya I. However, since he would be needed in the fight against the original council members, he would need to regroup with the other gods (at this time, it was unknown how powerful Ren Kal’Etan and Steirnax had become, and Kronus estimated that while Steam could be a liability to stronger opponents than Skelmire, it would be best to bring more of the gods than fewer). Meku was sent to find Steam (because Steam had no Kraahkan, the only ways to communicate with him were either in person, or to risk being monitored by the council when sending standard communication through space).

Eventually, there was word of an attack being planned against Eremus Noctae, where most of the refugees were held up. At the same time, Kronus argued that the no longer imprisoned council members from long ago were even more dangerous. Shivek returned to Eremus Noctae along with many materax and vorta. The remaining materax and vorta stayed behind with a large number of warriors from Halda Ronya’s dimension including Kaleth, a powerful Trionian from Shiah’s ranks in the second Great War. Keedop and Eska worked together with Kaleth to coordinate the troops on the planet. Once Steam arrived (this is when Meku returned to Eremus Noctae with Steam’s troops), Kraahkan, along with the other gods and Kronus travelled to the Ethar system to find Skelmire. Because Kronus had faced him already and was already weakened significantly, it didn’t take long for the gods to destroy Skelmire. Soon after, they travelled to the Shistanar system to find Ren Kal’Etan. For the majority of this battle, Kraahkan remained out of the action, for the destruction of his mask could prove fatal to him. However, just before its end, the battle took a dangerous turn when Tan Srah was nearly torn apart by Ren Kal’Etan’s arms (note: Ren Kal’Etan and Skelmire had been driven mad by their solitary imprisonment and had mutilated themselves into beast like beings with more strength than even Mist had). Tan Srah would have been ripped in two had Kraahkan not summoned the Blade of Shadows and slashed Ren Kal’Etan’s head off (and no, he could not have done that from the start without risking being the primary target should he fail). After the second battle, Kraahkan checked in on Eremus Noctae, and found that they were in need of assistance. Steam, who at this point, was the weakest of the gods, and would likely be a liability in their next battle volunteered to head to Eremus to assist in the battle against the current Council of Primary Beings. Kraahkan accompanied the other gods to the Makaren system. Steirnax, unlike the other two former Primary Beings council members, had retained his form as human. Additionally, upon their arrival, they discovered he could speak. Like the previous battles, Kraahkan remained further from the action, but this time, he used his power over Shadow Energy to supply a steady stream of power to the gods. There were times when Steirnax and Kraahkan clashed, Kraahkan used the Blade of Shadows to repel him. However, this time, the Primary Being was able to use his power to resist the blade (this is the only instance where the Blade of Shadows has ever been unable to directly destroy something). For the most part, the gods and Kronus kept Steirnax’s attention. Additionally, during a few moments where Steirnax wasn’t near anyone during which Kraahkan was able to deliver a few heavy blows, the last of which, set Kronus up for the final strike that ended the battle. Kraahkan and the gods travelled back to Eremus Noctae to ensure the entire defeat of the current council. Unfortunately, Shiah and Tan Srah had next to no power left with them, and were unable to help in the final battle. Kraahkan, being nearly infinitely powerful, and Kronus, who still held an incredible amount of power, together gave the final push in defeating the current council members. Together with Steam, Shivek, Meku, and the other forces that had been in Eremus, the Council of Primary Beings was defeated and it’s members destroyed.

Kraahkan returned with Kronus, Steam and Shivek to the constructed planet where they joined Eska and Kaleth. Together the six of them served as the Knights of Shadow protecting the new home of all refugees from Halda Ronya’s dimension.

Kraahkan is rather quiet in person, and tends to be rather humble. His greatest desire in all likelihood is to be helpful to anyone connected to Halda Ronya. He remains very much the same today as he did when he was first given form. The main development Kraahkan went through was experiencing life rather than watching it. Because most of his memories were from before he was created, Kraahkan knew plenty from observing life, but experiencing it gave him the opportunity to fully understand what he had only observed before. The most critical developments were after Eska was lost in the Grid and when Scrosh died. The loss of his friend Eska compelled him to become stronger as a warrior, rather than just being the Will of Shadows, and the loss of Scrosh gave him his first experience with revenge (thankfully that didn’t turn him into some evil person). Kraahkan treasures his experiences, and understands their importance much more so than most. Second to his desire to help, Kraahkan values the memories he has made himself.

Weapons and Equipment:

Kraahkan has a vast arsenal of weapons he stores within the Shadow Realm (essentially a dimension only accessible through Shadow Energy - meaning only Kraahkan and anyone chosen by Kraahkan that possesses the power can access it - that stores anything Kraahkan places within it). His most commonly used weapon is the Mirage Blade: a sword able to create an illusion of the user performing one action while they do another. It is capable of even performing illusions that last a full minute, during which, Kraahkan doesn’t have to be anywhere near where he appears to be. More often than not, Kraahkan ends up right behind his opponents while they swing at open air. An alternate method of the blade’s use, also frequented by Kraahkan, is making him appear to be a few feet behind where he actually is while charging. The result is Kraahkan making a lethal strike right before his opponents intend to clash with him followed by them swinging at open air once more. Another common weapon used by Kraahkan is the Torch: a device capable of harvesting any type of energy from a source and using it as attack energy. The Torch has also been known to be able to hold a sentient life form within it and safely place it within a vessel (Kraahkan never used this ability, however). Kraahkan also has at his disposal the Wings of Shadow: shadowy wings that hover near the user’s shoulders that allow them to fly at incredible speed. The wings themselves not only would allow travel within a solar system take less than an hour, they can also be used as weapons themselves. The Wings of Shadow can function as if they are a flying blade of Shadow Energy that can slash through most physical materials, and, so long as it is not abundant, they can even cut through Proto Matter reinforced materials as well. In addition to having all sorts of legendary weapons available to him, Kraahkan can also fight with his raw power with directly produced condensed Shadow Energy, or more cast discharges of Shadow Energy. Most commonly, when fighting on a large scale, Kraahkan will discharge incredible amounts of pure Shadow Energy directly above his opponent(s). The attack is known as “Shadows: Descend” and often scars whatever planet it happens on with a massive crater the size of a small city (only people with the power near that of a Primary Being, the gods or more can resist it). Kraahkan’s most famous weapon, however, is the Blade of Shadows. The sword only matched once, capable of destroying a star when placed in Kraahkan’s hands with a single swing. The Blade of Shadows is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon in any dimension. Despite its undefeatable power, Kraahkan almost never uses it - mostly to ensure he doesn’t accidentally destroy a planet filled with people. The majority of Kraahkan’s experience in combat has been with the Mirage Blade and his own direct power because they tend to destroy the least around him, but as soon as the fight is serious, he will not hesitate to unveil his most dangerous weapons.

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