Kraata from Melding Universe powers?

Teridax from melding universe has Kraata powers, that are different from his shadow counterpart. I’d like to confirm, what other of those powers are.

  1. We saw Teridax use Peace (as opposed to Anger) and Courage (as opposed to Fear). Can you confirm, that he can use other powers of respective charms seen in MNOG2?
  2. Kraata from main universe can use all Bohrok-Kal powers, would Teridax of Melding Universe be able to use normal Bohrok powers then?
  3. Takutanuva had revived Jaller. However neither Takanuva, nor Teridax had ability to manipulate his lifeforce. Toa of shadow wouldn’t have that ability either. Could it be that Takutanuva used this power as he was partly Makuta of Light and as such had this power of life-sharing as opposed to most likely Quick Healing and if so, can Takutanuva use other “light-kraata” powers?
  1. I’m not familiar with MNOG2, so can’t answer this.
  2. I’m confused by your question. Why would one Makuta using Kal powers equate to the light Makuta using normal Bohrok powers?
  3. I don’t think so, no. The notion of a Makuta of Light did not exist when Mask of Light was made.

If I’m understanding your second question right your assuming that the Makuta have to Bohrok-Kals powers but it’s not that Makuta use Bohrok-Kal powers it’s that the powers the Bohrok-Kal have later became their own Elements other than Vacuum(though that’s due to it being a sub category of air and is considered a power) so just because a character wields a similar power to a separate creature like the Bohrak Kal doesn’t mean that there’s a connection between the two . Also given how Bohrok are transformed Matoran it’s more likely that the gained those powers because again other than Vacuum they are elements that could be wielded by Toa. This is all lore wise I don’t know about the behind the scenes aspect.

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