Kraatu revamp

I tried to only use pieces from 2001 to 2004 as a challenge.


Cute moc and all the problems the original had have been fixed except the two blue pins

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This is really great, one wonders why it never looked like this in the first place. Good job :+1:

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Better than the original. Honestly it would be pretty cool to see someone rebuild all the rahi combo models and the ones in the rahi guide book.


It's so cute and stubby like a lil guinea pig!

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I like it. The squat, more pudgy appearance looks a lot more appealing that the simple Metrutoran based model of the original. I also like the fact that uses pieces from that specific time frame.

It's quite simple, but it's very nice.

Hey look, the polybag now looks decent :stuck_out_tongue:

But can (the glorious) good guy use it as a steed?

Indeed he can!

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