Kraezukor's Revenge: A Hidden Light II substory

Takes place between Chapters 10 and 11 of Hidden Light II

After Kraezukor lost the fight with Seihu, he has been spending his years without purpose. He sought to be recruited to the Dark Hunters but failed when he couldn’t defeat Gladiator. This made him even more upset.

But a few years before Dume was captured by Makuta, Kraezukor went to Metru Nui to seek revenge on Seihu (who he knew as Lightstrike).

“That Matoran has got to be around this city somewhere, he will not get away with making a fool out of me” Kraezukor muttering as he walked through a shore in Metru Nui.

But Kraezukor had another plan thought out.

“Maybe if I capture enough of these Matoran, they can tell me where Lightstrike is,” Kraezukor thought.

So Kraezukor employed a Dark Hunter recruit to capture random Matoran.

While he was on patrol in Ko-Metru, Seihu saw one of the Dark Hunters capturing one of the Matoran. Seihu jumped towards the Dark Hunter and kicked him.

Seihu landed on his feet and said to the Ko-Matoran. “Get to safety.”
The Ko-Matoran ran.

The Dark Hunter slowly got up from the ground after that kick.
“Toa, get out of my way” the Dark Hunter irritably ordered.

“What are you up to?” Seihu sternly inquired the Dark Hunter.

Not wanting to answer, Dark Hunter brought out his spear.

The dark hunter went forward and kept trying to pierce Seihu, only for Seihu to keep effortlessly dodging. Seihu got out his sword in response.

Seihu’s right hand clenched the sword in while he was standing in a semi-relaxed posture, with his head down and eyes glared at his opponent.

The Dark Hunter’s body quivered with violent energy.

Seihu walked towards the hunter, countering the hunter’s violent running towards Seihu.

Seihu and the Dark Hunter went at it for almost a minute.

The sword and spear were clashing and clanging. As the dark hunter attacked in an angry rage, Seihu defended himself in a composed but serious fashion.

In one instance, as the Dark Hunter was about to slash Seihu, Seihu ducked and knocked the weapon out of the hunter’s hand. The hunter, trying to disregard the fact that his weapon was knocked out of his hand, delivered a hook punch, only to discover in horror that Seihu ducked and struck, like a battering ram, the Hunter in the belly. With the knuckles of Seihu’s fist pushing the hunter’s belly in, the hunter’s wind and stability were getting pushed out causing him to hold his belly as he fell.

The hunter tried to shake off the blow and get back up, but couldn’t.

Seihu rolled the Dark Hunter over and stood on him with the tip of his sword near the Dark Hunter’s neck.

“Now talk”
“Ha, you wouldn’t really kill me would you, Toa?” The Dark Hunter mocked with emphasis on the word “Toa”.
“Even if I won’t, there are other ways of dealing with you if you don’t talk” Seihu replied.
Then Seihu mentioned threats that he would do that made the Dark Hunter so nervous that he had no choice but to reply.
“OKAY, OKAY, I’LL TELL!” The Dark Hunter anxiously yelled.
“Do it” Seihu ordered in a stern manner.
“There is a former arena fighter named Kraezukor”
Seihu raised an eyelid after hearing that.
“He wants revenge on a Matoran by the name of ‘Lightstrike’ for defeating him in the past in an arena fight.”
“What does this have to do with you and the Matoran?”
“He hired me to capture the Matoran in order to lure out Lightstrike”
“Where is Kraezukor?” Seihu asked.
“Okay, he’s in Po-Metru at the Canyon of Unending Sorrows with several Matoran, and he said that if Lightstrike does not show up within a day, the Matoran will be killed.”

Unknown to Seihu, his student, Yahru was listening in on the conversation as he left his internship session after it was finished.

Seihu backed off, and placed his sword back and walked away.
The Dark Hunter got up to strike Seihu’s back, but Seihu spun, and kicked the Dark Hunter straight in the head, causing him to spin and fall from the sharp kick to his face.
“You are truly one of the harshest Toa I’ve ever met!” The Dark Hunter angrily replied while lying face down with his hand on his face.
“I’m not your employer, or you’d perish", Seihu replied.

As Seihu was walking through Ko-Metru, Yahru caught up with him.
“Master Seihu, what is going on?” Yahru asked.
“Yahru, it’s best if you don’t get involved” Seihu responded.
“But why not get involved?”
“This is personal, I should go alone.”
Seihu immediately jumped one of the Ko-Metru chutes and went away.
Yahru just walked off confused.

Seihu went back to his hut, while Yahru was helping out in Po-Metru.
“If Kraezukor is so hungry for revenge that he’s so willing to capture and kill Matoran, then he is going to pay,” Seihu said under his breath as he pulled out the replica of his old arena fighter mask.

Seihu had shuddered from looking back at the mask, being that it was a reminder of the dark times he faced.

As Seihu put the mask on, he bent light in a way that caused his armor colors resembled those of on that mask, red, black and a little bit of silver.

“If he wants to settle things with me as ‘Lightstrike’ then he will deal with Lightstrike”
Then hours later, he arrived at the Canyon of Unending Sorrows watching Kraezukor sitting down with his knife towards one of the Matoran, who was chained to a wall.

Seihu spoke crossing his arms, “Long time no see, Kraezukor”.
Kraezukor stood up with his back towards him, “So ‘Lightstrike’, you showed up”
Kraezukor turned around and was shocked, “What? You’re a Toa?”
Seihu was kind of amused to find out that he was now closer to Kraezukor’s height.
“Why do you seem nervous?” Seihu asked. “I came for the Matoran, not for a fight.”

“No, you are not going to get the Matoran” Kraezukor yelled in a vulnerable yet angry way, as he got up and got one of his swords out. “You will either both quit and leave the Matoran with me or die and the Matoran stay with me”.
After hearing that, Seihu rolled his eyes at the logic Kraezukor made and decided to make up a third option.
“Obviously you are a brawler, not a thinker,” Seihu thought.

“You would go this low to capture Matoran and threaten to kill them just to seek me out? That’s pretty cowardly for a former champion.” Seihu chided.

Some of the Matoran snickered a bit at Seihu’s comment.

Annoyed, Kraezukor tried to cut Seihu with a sword but Seihu dodged and rolled away the blade.
“I made a living from fighting, Lightstrike, before you showed up” Kraezukor informed while pacing the floor, “Anything my way that walked, even on Matoran.”

Seihu’s eyes widened when he heard it and then felt strong emotions rising up in him about this fight.

“Now because of you, the arena fights could no longer bring anymore Matoran”.

Just then as Kraezukor was about to strike Seihu, Seihu brought out one of his Protosteel sticks and blocked Kraezukor’s other strike and struck Kraezukor.

Kraezukor was hit and pushed back by the force of the strike and growled.

Seihu rotated his neck, “I knew it could come to this. You have gone too far.”

Seihu knew that he was no longer fighting in a tournament, but fighting for real.

Seihu motioned Kraezukor to follow him out of the cave and to a village close to it.

Their weapons clashed. Kraezukor’s imposing but wide sword attacks were in conflict with Seihu’s composed, focused, and serious defenses. Kraezukor and Seihu’s stick collided several times. Seihu then unscrewed his stick into a nunchuck and disarmed Kraezukor from his only weapon, by smacking his hand with the nunchuck. The shocking pain of the hit not only caused Kraezukor to release his sword but made him yell in pain flailing his hand.

Kraezukor delivered several punches and stomps, but Seihu kept skillfully, but calmy evading. The only thing landed on him was the breeze from the punches. Kraezukor charged at Seihu, but Seihu jumped over Kraezukor and landed behind him. Kraezukor turned around as Seihu calmly but courageously walked towards Kraezukor. Kraezukor performed several kicks and punches to Seihu again, with Seihu being able to dodge most of them and block the others. Seihu retaliated with some light but effective punches and kicks on Kraezukor’s legs, face, and body. Then Kraezukor charged for Seihu and tackled him and threw him overhead. Seihu flipped over and landed on his feet. Seihu saw him from the corner of his eye and motioned Kraezukor to come for him, Kraezukor charged but Seihu quickly rolled away from the danger and stood up and reacted with another attack. Kraezukor got out his knife and kept on making slashing and stabbing motions to fatally wound Seihu. Seihu blocked the knife, twisted Kraezukor’s arm, kicked Kraezukor and threw him over.

Kraezukor was getting up, and as bruised and exhausted as he was, he tried to muster the little energy he had by doing a leg sweep to Seihu only for Seihu to avoid it by falling back and springing up to deliver a front kick. Kraezukor caught Seihu’s kicking leg. Knowing Kraezukor was about to sweep his non-kicking leg, Seihu grabbed the back of Kraezukor, jumped with the non-kicking leg and knee struck Kraezukor’s chin, causing an unpleasant collision between his lower jaw and upper jaw. As Kraezukor released Seihu, Seihu landed on both of his feet and stepped back. Finally, as Kraezukor was about to jump at Seihu, Seihu punched down Kraezukor’s belly and gently pushed him to the ground.

Seihu approached the fallen Kraezukor, who was limping, wincing and slipping on the frictionless sand.

“I lost, again” Kraezukor angrily wheezed, before lying down on the ground.

Seihu kneeled, “Now the Matoran?”
Kraezukor reluctantly pointed to the cave.
Seihu nodded and placed a pressure point to Kraezukor’s neck, to make sure that he couldn’t stand up until he arrived.
“You’ll live” Seihu nonchalantly droned.

Seihu left to free the Matoran…

Seihu ran inside to free the Matoran, only to find Yahru, attempting to free the Matoran.
Seihu sighed to see Yahru getting involved when told not to.
Seihu immediately came in, “Allow me, Matoran”
Seihu chopped away the chains using his laser powers.
Yahru immediately looked to his side and narrowed his eyes at Seihu.
Since Yahru didn’t recognize Seihu behind the mask he asked, “Who are you?”

Seihu shook his head, asking, “Never mind that, just go and get the Matoran to safety”
Yahru while still trying to register who he was, just walked, “Okay, but if you better not cause any trouble, my master, his fellow Toa and I will give you trouble.”
Seihu just shook his head.
“Go, get out of here” Yahru yelled to the Matoran as he ran out with the Matoran following him.
“He’s brave, but kind of brash.”

Just as Seihu walked out, two beings walked towards the beaten up Kraezukor. Hulgon and a physically daunting giant figure clad in gold, black, red and blue named Botar.

“That’s him” Hulgon pointed at Kraezukor.

Seihu walked out and exclaimed puzzled “Hulgon?”

“Long time no see, ‘Lightstrike’. Toa armor suits you well, but that mask doesn’t anymore.” Hulgon said in his usual polite manner.

Then Seihu looked at the giant figure holding Kraezukor. Something about this figure gave Seihu the chills.

“Don’t worry Seihu; he is here to bring Kraezukor in.” Hulgon explained, “This is one of my mentors”.

Botar nodded at Seihu, and Seihu returned a nod, despite the tension he felt.

Botar grabbed Kraezukor and carried him on his shoulders.

“So, I see that you dealt with Kraezukor,” Hulgon remarked.
“Yes, I did” Seihu replied and pointed to the guards.
“What did he want?” Hulgon asked.
“He demanded a fight and I demanded the Matoran. I couldn’t afford to lose.” Seihu answered.
“Hmm, wise decision.” Hulgon commended. “This isn’t the first time you stopped him from destroying Matoran”.
Seihu looked kind of confused.
Hulgon explained, “Because of your first fight, the whole arena scene never got any more Matoran into the fights.”
Seihu nodded at that, “Yes, it’s no wonder I didn’t see any more Matoran getting drafted in after me”.
“Now that Kraezukor is taken in, he will be put to justice for all of his crimes,” Hulgon explained
Seihu nodded.
“I know that you have your own destiny, but someday when the time comes, we will call you for a mission,” Hulgon said bringing out his hand. “Until we cross paths again”
Seihu gave a small grin and shook Hulgon’s hand.
“Until then” Seihu replied with a smile.
Hulgon left with Botar and the new inmate.

Then Seihu took off his arena mask and put his Kanohi Rode back on, and bent his colors back to black, white, and silver.

When Seihu went back home, he placed his arena fighter mask back in his safe.

Seihu heard Yahru come back after helping out in Ta-Metru.

Seihu came out of his room and asked, “So what did you do in Po-Metru today?”
Yahru looked kind of shocked responded, “I was about to go carving, but I found out Matoran got captured”.
“You didn’t go after them, did you Yahru?”
“Well, I had to, nobody else would”.
Seihu knew Yahru went after them and he didn’t even have to use his mask power on Yahru.
“Yahru, but next time, don’t go off on your own like that. You’re lucky to be alive”.
Yahru shrugged.
Seihu asked, “Anything else?”
“I also saw this one guy who looked about your height; red, black, and a little silver; and wore a dark looking mask”
“Did he ever threaten you?”
“No, he just told me to get the Matoran to safety.”
Seihu nodded.
Yahru then asked, “I wish I knew who he was though”.
Seihu then walked over to his room.
Yahru asked, “Master Seihu, where are you going?”
“Yahru, follow me” Seihu calmly instructed.
Yahru shrugged and whispered, “What’s up now?”
Yahru went to Seihu’s room and Seihu showed Yahru the mask, put it on, and bent his colors.
Yahru’s eyes widened and gasped, “That was you?!”
“Yes, that was.” Seihu explained, “I’ll tell you more tomorrow morning, but you must keep what I tell you a secret.”
Yahru quietly agreed…