Kragar, The Hybrid Elemental Warrior

Greetings Builders, I bring you another of my creations. This one is Kragar, a Hybrid Elemental Warrior of Fire and Ice. Well I had a good day of sun and a bit of snow piled up, so I decided to make an outdoor photo area to brighten up the trans-parts I used. So, Kragar got a weapon and some parts upgrade from my Flickr post of him:

The backpack for the most working since I upgraded the shoulder missiles from before to shoulder gatlin blasters one for each element type.

I also added some tubing from blaster to lower pack, had to use all black because I don't have any clear with red center to match my clear with blue center. Still got it piped thru just wish the light grey eyelet with axle was in black.

Moved the shoulder missiles to forearms for now, but will look into new forearm armoring/weaponize setup. But for now this works ok. Also added to the boots an extra layer, but once again the limitation of parts leaves me to using different colors than intended. The axel pins and 2 technic frames I wish to be black, but for now it's better than just a Hero Factory boots.

Now this is not a great setup since my one attachment point is a long axle, but I am pleased with, for now, the use of Pohatu Master's weapons to provide a cross look. even if not a solid X forming. However, it works for now, and will be the W.I.P. part of this build

So figured I do a group shot with Scorian and Ice King to group my Fire and Ice Element MOCs. I am really pleased with how the sun illuminated the trans-parts. Made for better effects and colors

Thank you for taking the time to check my MOC, hope you enjoyed. Til next build, keep building, and be creative, laters


Try stone and earth as a mix


Nice MOC. I like that he is combiner of elements and he is done well.


Looks really good the way the colors dont bother each other


This works really well overall, even with only translucent pieces to represent each element. The only part that seems like overkill is using translucent armor over translucent bones on the forearms and thighs.


@Sealman133 Well the next idea is a Stone & Air mix to be a Sand Storm Creature/Demon, but thank you for liking this and suggesting another combo. Will keep it for another time.

@Blue_Robots Thank you, I was trying for a balance of both elements, and not crazy smash of parts.

@LTVmocs Thanks, I do like to make symmetric builds, very rarely do I make builds like Quake Beast.

@Warcrafter Well I see what you mean, but the trans-parts are more to represent the actual element and not so much a armor like material. So if he got hit on the ice forearm it would chip a little and then fill back in after. More like a living elemental life form. But thank you for your comments,

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i tried to build something like this a long time ago and i failed miserably

you succeeded


thank you, and don't give up. it is finding a good combination of colors. I was inspired by Shadowgear's Minion, but didn't want the solid colors theme. But I say keep trying, and good luck on the build

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I really like how you distributed the two main colors.


thanks, the piece that brought together for me was the chima chest plate. after that I knew it would blend better.

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"Fire and ice elemental warrior"? HEY!!!

Also i already tried to make a "land" and "storm" combos. Didnt really work out that well. Feel free to try. But the fire and ice.......