Krampus MOC

It's time to get into the Christmas spirit but, Saint Nick isn't coming. Instead you'll meet Krampus, the Christmas devil.

Krampus' s cape also turns into his four extra armsSide shotBack shotRemember to be good this year or Krampus will come for you.


So wheres the image? You can't do "COMING SOON" stuff.

I'll have to close this, then, until you can upload the pictures or at least link them.

Contact me via PM when you have them up.

He definitely looks the part! The skull, horns, hulking stature and the trailing cape are great. I'm not sure I like the whole tentacle thing it turns into, but hey, it's an added feature! I really like how you made the hooves too.


Well this was originally my custom Bionicle villain until I saw "Krampus".

Good, imposing Moc.

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This MOCis really creepy n' such, and it looks great. I love the tentacle cape thingo. Great job! :smile:

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