What misread CEST as CST...

(Updated description) My late entry for Ron Folker’s What-IF Contest. (I misread CEST as CST, shaking and crying rn) Silver Lining, Ron let me in regardless. :smiley:

Premise was What If: The Japanese Lego Club Bohrok Combiner was a canon character, maybe a OoMN sniper (Well you can’t do much else when your arms are guns) and maybe named “Krana-Kal.”

Took photos yesterday but the background was no good, I thought I had much more time (time zone confusion) so I decided (at my unwitting peril) to reshoot today and thus was late :nerd_face:

Anyways, check out my brother Eilrach’s Flickr Gallery, I finally took photos of some of his Mocs for him, so he’ll upload those soon-ish.


Absolutely stunning


This is really smooth, the original combiner was really cool already, but this one is way better.


Dang, I like this. Amazing use of the invasion from below cocoons!


I dig the wings, you made those Avtoran limbs look not weird. Nice move

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based off of my favourite combiner so its always going to look good

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