Krana Powersuit Mk II

High-tech suit of armor that Krana control telepathically. Each one can tap into the krana's mask power and amplify it exponentially. Forearm design belongs to Ids5621, who used it on his self moc.

Krana Powersuit Mk II Open helmet Back Leg

A DC chestplate, I 1000% support this.


Legs seem wierdly angled..

whoa, that looks awesome smiley

as with all your mocs, awesome

I don't know why, but I.specifically like how the torso looks.


Krana for GL Corp 2k000000


That Technic beam on the back sticks out rather oddly, but other than that I love the MOC!

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Looks amazing.

This is really cool. Love the use of the krana.

That's awesome! I think you should make different forms of armor as well that have special abilities and weapons.

I'm always a fan of CCBS and Systm integration, so I like it. The color scheme is good too.

I love the concept and the Moc is amazing

(Undecipherable babbling sounds and drooling) H-H-Waaant! Please Dad!

Seriously though I love this.

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I absolutely love the concept! Great job thumbsup

That torso @_@

inb4 third haloblast dupe

Anyways, rhis is perfection incarnate. Great job!

It's got swagger stuck_out_tongue

Love the abs the most.