Kranas the Swordsman

Kranas is one of the greatest swordsman in the land. He has used his skills for good like once or twenty times. Until he was sabotaged for killing one of their land’s generals. After that he has been on the run, trying to find who framed him and why?

He wears a gauntlet and wields an ancient sword which has been passed on from generation to generation.

Don’t click unless you like spoilers.


Kanas: Where have been?

Onnuke: I had trouble trying to find this damp place, and let me just say…

Joelee: You are so adorable!
Kranas: What?!

Onnuke: (Cough) Sorry about that.

Onnuke: I asked to meet you so I can ask you if would join our team of outlaws, or…

Beast: Get beaten to a pulp.

Onnuke: So what do you say will you join?
Kranas: Uh?

Kranas: Sure, I’ll join your team.


The design is “miniscule” decent, but personally the mask doesn’t fit with the body very well-

He looks like a midget.

That’s awesome.

While a basic CCBS build with an obnoxiously long cape, he’s actually pretty cool.

Neat! I can’t help but think of Edward Elric.

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He’s rocking that cape.

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Oh god.

Guts with a Tryna.

Ikr. I guess the Tryna is somewhat the same as the brand…

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I see he reanimAtes his decapetated foes…

The body is minimal, but I still really like it. It has the feel of what could be an actual set, and I guess it’s the simplicity of it. Keep in mind that a MOC doesn’t have to be huge and complicated to give off the feel.