Kraten The Embodiment of war

Kraten is my most evil charaters, he has went from a four-legged mutate to, well, this, his back is pretty boring and hasn't changed at all so I didn't bother with pic of it.

I used a blacklight for this one, I like it, sorry for the blurriness

This one is with my light out, I realllly how this one turned out.

Finally a full bodyshot of him, he is really tall so he is a bit hard to get in the frame.

Tell me what you think of him, I'll gladly take advice and consider it as a viable option.


Eh. He looks a little awkward.

-wooo all those torso pieces
-What's with the trans blue hand?
-what's with the silver arm?
-armor coverage on thighs is meh
-left hand is nicely built
-mask color is inconsistent with the rest

-waist is really thin

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He is supposed to be like that he is more of the one that sends out the troops than the one fighting.

He looks way too thin, but has large armor on his limbs.

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oddly reminds me of DoTM Megatron

anyway I dont know about the blue, Legs and arms are nice tho

he's oddly scrawny and inconsistent for the embodiment of war.

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Well this MOC is really creative, but the choice of colours looks weird.

@SwagMeister dont be harsh mang

And I give it an 5/10 you covered the armor good... I guess,but I like the lights!:smile:

Those are some long legs...

He wasn't being harsh. He was voicing his opinion. That's completely fair.

My biggest issue is his mask/head, which is Metru red, and that color doesn't show up in the rest of the moc. Otherwise, it's very good. I can see that he's a mutatee.


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I got to admit this looks pretty good.
But the trans-blue looks out of place.

I don't know if I have older versons of him on here or my DA page but he used to be all blue, the red is corruption taking over his body.

I was trying to simulate the corruption of war

Use a Black light on a moc with translucent pieces

I don't have that much Metru red

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