Kratium the skull warrior Leader

It has been a while since I have posted a Moc so lets get into it!
This is a heck of a Moc that I have made. I don’t have much to say about it.

P.s. if 70 people like this I will make instructions to it :wink:
so here he is enjoy :grinning:
P.P.s. I will post him with a 2.0 sword

This is a action shot of him


I don’t think there’s more than 60 people who regularly check this site. :laughing:

Anyways, nice MOC. :+1:


I cree everee tim :sleepy:
and thanks :smile:

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I don’t even know what this says.

Any way this is a nice MOC, but get rid of the light blue it really doesn’t go well with the rest of the MOC. Also give it some back armor on it’s legs.

But that’s just an opinion, my opinion.

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I don’t have any other pieces of that shape :sleepy:

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Geez, that’s one heck of a sword. It looks like it’s even harder to pose than Kulta’s staff!

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it is achuly better than Kulta’s staff :smiley:

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inb4 Guy’s username is Mocsman

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I like his colors, they really catch the eye

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thnaks man
do u think I should remove the blue or not?

I personally don’t mind it, but if you dislike it, go ahead.

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This is why I asked

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Dude, I can see how you built it just by looking at the pictures. Anyways, not bad.


Looks awesome!

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What color is that chain?

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The colour of the chain on skull slicer

Huh. Weird. In some pictures it looks gold and in some clear. Now I want skull slicer more.


This is cool, but three primary colours is too much. Looks good, though, the positioning of the armour and whatnot.

That won’t happen, I don’t think a MOC topic has ever gotten 70 likes.

Also instructions are unnecessary, it’s easy to see how he is built.


well I’ve finally got time to post this

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