Kratos, Harbinger of Fire

Kratos is the first of six warriors known as The Harbingers: Ancient beings who harness the elements of Fire, Ice, Earth, Stone, Air and Water.

More photos can be seen either on my YouTube channel, in the video of the same name which has just been uploaded, or soon on my Facebook page (in the process of uploading photos).


Nice MOC.
Is the title click bait or a joke referring o the fact that the MOC is everything but cold?

Your title does not decieve; this is indeed a cool Bionicle moc. The colour layering is done quite well.

@Rockho Thanks :smiley:

@Zekester I don’t know what you mean, the title is entirely serious :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I now realize you were talking about the ‘COOL BIONICLE MOC’ thing. I thought you were just referencing the MOC name - hence my confusion :smiley:

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Very nice work!

The only downfall, I think, is that there are a few too many colors. I would probably cut out either the metro red or orange so that his color scheme is more coherent.

Also yeah that title sounds kinda clickbait-y; just having "Kratos, Harbinger of Fire is plenty.

@ReeseEH The colours were kind of me trying to mix the 2001 aesthetic with 2004, I can see why it would look a bit overpowering. I guess i’ve just got used to it - I’ve been on and off working on this MOC for about 2 years now.

And the ‘COOL BIONICLE MOC’ thing is something thats carried over from my YouTube channel. Its an idea my dad came up with back my first video was uploaded, and it just kind of stuck.

That said, it does look a bit clickbaity here. I think i’m gonna remove it and just go with the MOC name.

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You know what? I actually like how he has so many warm colors.

If you cut down I don’t think this moc would be nearly as unique and interesting to me. The colors are all analogous and the layering is fairly clear, so it doesn’t end up looking cluttered in that sense. If anything, the visual clutter comes more from the highly textured parts you used but given that you were going for that old bionicle look, it doesn’t actually bother me much.


I seem to have done the layering by accident, because I wasn’t really thinking about it in that sense. When I was building it was more like: “this colour looks nice here, I don’t know why though”.


Nice MOC, but I think more black on the arms could help.

a bit cluttered, but still fantastic

I like the color layering here, it really conveys the look of molten lava or burning coals quite well.

@Blue_Robots There’s a tiny bit of black on the back of the forearms, but yeah, looking at it again it does look a bit strange with the forearms being the only part of the body without much black on it.

@yolo360nosescope If you mean in terms of the design rather than the colour, the clutter was my attempt at making it look tribal, with all of the spikes potruding from it. You might like my Jaller revamp more since that’s essentially a stripped down and streamlined version of this MOC.
You can see it here:

@Stoax Thanks, that was kind of going for when I was building it. The colour is all a bit random but I think it turned out alright.

I think you meant to say that to @Blue_Robots I have no idea how you could’ve gotten my username, but that is a cool MOC nonetheless.

@BlackBeltGamer98 Apologies, I had no idea I’d tagged you. I must have typed ‘@b’ and accidently clicked your name by mistake - though I thought that list of names only included people who have been active on the current post. Sorry about that. I’ll go back and edit the original post.

And thanks for the compliment on the MOC :smiley:

Hey, everyone’s fingers slipped at some time on the keyboard and you’re welcome for that compliment.