Kreido of the blazing altar

A spirit of fire with flames strong enough to reduce a Toa to ashes, he waits within the blazing altar for anyone foolish or brave enough to seek the treasures of the elemental altars


So, I can assume there will be more?

Possibly, I need to get the other canister caps out of storage though

Well, if you do, they could be half this good and still be amazing…

Well each would be quite different, Kreido is just a genie because Jinn’s in mythology are associated with fire

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Well still, I really like it…

I was just Reminded of “that scene”
From The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
When I saw this MOC

WUT… Wut even?..
Such red, many fire! Wow! :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks to me that he has quite the backstory! Good job! :smiley:

9/10. It’s awesome!

This should be what the elemental lord of fire looks like

My only critique is if possible, extend the canister somehow to make it look like a long rounded robe.

I love how his torso gets bigger the more he rises out of the altar, really gives him a genie vibe.

Whoa! Never seen a MOC like THIS before!
I’ve made a few “elemental” MOCs, but never really worked out a good way to do a Fire one. This guy is great. The shapes of the bohrok parts at the top kinda give him a billowy sort of look like the cloud of hot gas that he is.

I think he’d look a lot better with some flames coming out of the top (maybe trails of the little minifig flame pieces?) and some trans-orange and/or yellow parts placed inside his body to give him a bit more energy, if you know what I mean? If you have Lord of Skull Spiders, those trans-orange technic beams could work wonders…

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Reminds me of some fantasy boss! Really great

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Wow! This is really cool. I like seeing the canister used in a MOC, you rarely ever see that. And it works as more then just a stand here. It’s awesome!

This looks amazing. It’s rather messy, but for this it’s a good thing.

This is actually pretty cool!

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