Krika Gen 1.5


The build is interesting, I like the look of the front “arms” but the lower legs and and back is lacking on coverage-


OK. It’s cool. I like the consistent colour scheme and build for the front legs.

It looks pretty good, although the torso looks very unarmored. Which bothers me, for some reason.

Very menacing! Pridak’s blades mesh well with Krika’s colorscheme.

The only downfall is, as others have stated, his lower body and back legs seem somewhat unarmored.

The back needs some coverage and the gear looks out of place. But other than that I like this.

I dig his more mutated and mechanical look he’s got, though I wish you had used more of his regular blades

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Well actually the reason I didn’t use more is because all of the blades I currently have have had the axles twisted so I couldn’t use them for what I needed to do.

I need to get some more from bricklink on my next order.

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