Krika, The Slightly Improved | Feat: Bohrok Friend

Sorry for dying this year, been real busy.

I’m a fool and took pictures of a white character on a white background, so I got lazy and decided not to actually edit the pics. OOPS

This pose is so good.

This is literally just Krika but with CCBS limbs, but I’d say that one change adds so much character to an already amazingly unique set.

Just look at him, so devious.

I kind of lost track of the lore around '08, so I never really knew much about this guy. But he’s always been one of my favorite sets, and a standout among what (to me) wasn’t Bionicle’s best lineup.

He be creepin’ at great speeds.


And now for something completely different. This is a bohrok friend, he is here to help. Credit to @LoganMcOwen for the original design and build for this bohrok, I made this guy years back after seeing that post and figured I’d post it here just to make this post at least slightly more than just a silly Krika with different limbs.

Hype yourself for April 1st. I apologize for the drop in quality from all my previous posts, I promise I won’t disappoint on Monday.


Your right, krika does look better with ccbs limbs

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The CCBS doesn’t really improve his look honestly… He looks just as good as before.

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I don’t really find anything too special about this…

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It makes him more posable but sacrafices white colour and appearance

How? He had black Av-Matoran limbs in the original set


Did he? Man I can’t believe I didn’t remember…

But it does sacrafice appearance


Looks pretty slick.


I do like the added articulation! Nice work.

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Of course there isn’t anything amazingly creative about this, but I don’t care. Giving this guy actual limbs just brings him to life. I salute you sir. :stuck_out_tongue: