Krika's Scythe (WIP)

I decided to give my Krika MOC a better weapon - a scythe.

I think in general I’m pretty happy with it, but before I order anything from Bricklink to get the colours right, I would like to get some opinions:

I’m planning to make it as black as possible, I just don’t have the right coloured parts right now.

Ok, here’s a black version (I had to make the hilt longer in order for that tube to fit, though) It’s now about as high as the MOC that will wield it. Any more opinions?

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The spikes on the back are a nice touch

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That’s a nice Crescent Rose scythe you got there. Looks really good and dangerous.


This made me think about making a MOC with a Scythe too. Nice one, Gilahu… I should probably start working on the Makuta I promised almost two months back. ._.

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Cool, but black doesn’t really fit with Krika’s colours, in my opinion. The kinda spindly design fits him well enough, though.

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Perhaps I’ll make the Bohrok eyes white. So far the by now except for a few parts mostly black scythe does fit in with my Krika MOC’s colour scheme in my opinion.

I should probably also mention that it will be an original form Krika and not a revamp of the mutated set Krika.


I tried out white Bohrok eyes, but didn’t like that. Black might be the best option - I added a new picture to the first post.

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