KRILLAX: Guardian of the Reef

One of several (specific number TBD) guardians of Spherus Magna’s oceans.


Halelujah! Finally, oh so finally! A good use of the 1.0 hero leg armour. Those are very rare.


Nice colors! The custom head is also pretty ingenious.

@Toa_Radrix Thankyou!

@Toa_Vladin Thanks! Those pieces were actually the inspiration for this MOC; I’ve had the idea to use them on a torso for years but never actually gave it a proper shot.


Is there like some form of butterfly joint at the point in which they unite with the torso?

@Toa_Vladin The torso is built around the smallest type of CCBS torso (the one used in XT4) if I recall correctly, so the 1.0 leg armour is just attached via ball sockets into what would be the CCBS torso’s shoulders.

I don’t have access to it at the moment so I’m just guessing based on the photos I have and what I remember.


Clean! I love the design! Though the green rubber bands are a bit distracting.
With the limbs and the way you used ccbs, It looks like something that I would make.

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I like how you used those tentacle pieces as hair!

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Jeeeez, this one is AMAZING!

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