Kronahk: Assault Mode

****Assault Mode update! 11/9/23 For extremely hazardous missions, Kronahk switches to assault Mode and brings the extra ammo and weapons and Visor for Targeting enemies. I hope you like it! Update 07/17 Kronahk update! Added changed legs for stability and increased height to 10.4" and added grenades x2 to his belt, change the back to have shoulder blades, updated the arm canon to have a missile launcher and energy extraction blade and lastly added more details and changed some details as well as added alternate head and shoulder armor. He can still do everything he did before, only better and can use all prior masks and accessories. Story addition: “Toa…Makuta…making a mess out of the universe, now I have to clean it up. There is one way you survive, where are they hiding? Where are the other Toa? Kronahk - Designation: Bounty Hunter - Affiliations: Dark Hunters/ Great Beings - Allegiances: None - Character height: 11’ 4” - Stats: STRENGTH: 17 AGILITY: 18
TOUGHNESS: 18 MIND: 16 ) Story: Long ago before the creation of the Matoran Universe as we know it, The Great Beings created a failsafe in case they needed to track down or destroy any experiments or enemies that got away or in the way, that failsafe is Kronahk! More machine than organic, this being was outfitted with the best weapons they could create, armor made of the most durable impenetrable materials and a high intelligence and cold disposition to put those tools to great affect. When the Matoran Universe was created he was sent in to bring back one of their fellow members known only by others as Velika, given a very special high tech transporter to get back to the Great Beings once his task was completed. However things did not go to plan, this Great Being was much more difficult to locate than predicted. Not only that but on his trek across a mountainous range, he was attacked by an unknown assailant, quickly he subdued the individual but not without his transporter being smashed, his only way home…the assailant spoke saying “wait! Don’t shoot! I’m a member of the Dark Hunters!” Kronahk simply says “why should I care?” The assailant: " please! I thought you were a Toa! I know someone who can help to fix that device of yours" Kronahk: “Take me to them” once he met with the Shadowed One he took many jobs in exchange for helping to fix the transporter, including many wanted high profile targets, such as Toa veterans of the Toa/Dark Hunter War who had killed members of theirs. Next Bounty: Find and Kill Toa Leweru…to be continued…) This is my new original Character named Kronahk, he is a bounty hunter as you probably read! This is highly articulated much like the Kopaka I did, a spine that runs along the back that articulates and moves with the chest and waist, triple shoulder, double ankle, knees, elbows and neck, ball wrists and butterfly joints in the shoulders for crossing his arms, as well as many functions and gimmicks, such as interchangeable gun arm, it has 3 configurations, hand canon, shotgun and sniper configurations, all can be held in hand or put as a gun arm in any configuration, also can store everything including extra attachments on his back. His right arm is fully mechanical, with a claw that can extend via a chain to launch at enemies and pull them in, he also has two masks, skull and his hunter mask and a full cloth cloak. Many parts move out of the way or with the articulation when posing. He has no limitations on his range when articulating. Kronahk stands 10.4" tall when measuring. Assault version beyond this point:

older version beyond this point:

Older version beyond this point:


Nice design. Really well thought out. Reminds me a lot of the Marvels Spiderman game version of Task Master.
Also love that sniper design. That is a very smart use of parts.


WOW thank you so much! I genuinely truly appreciate it! This was my toughest build yet for sure but was a great learning experience for me experimenting with new ideas.


You can tell how much you put into it. Really worked out :slight_smile:


Assault Mode update! 11/9/23 For extremely hazardous missions, Kronahk switches to assault Mode and brings the extra ammo and weapons and Visor for Targeting enemies. I hope you like it!