Kronazus, the frigid beast

Sup yall! i am back with another MOC. ok i actually revamped this guy today, a moc i made a year ago. Meet Kronazus, his story ties in with my self moc Veron, being that the two where the best of freinds originally when they where in fendrix’es(the main villain of the first season of my story) secret lab. on the first time they tried to escape, kron and veron got into an argument above a vat of dark mutigen vat that also had cryogenic fluid mixed in, Kron was trying to keep veron from leaving because he felt it wasn’t right to leave, when veron pushed him, he accidentally stumbled over the railing, luckily veron caught his arm, unluckily, veron let go by accident. the humanoid kron fell into the vat, and the stuff began to mutate him, the vat also emptied out into a local sea. when he came out of the sea, he now looks like this creature. with his mind poisoned, body mutated into thick ice(mind i say veron also has a weakness to ice), and a single thought in his mind: his friend veron betrayed him. now he is the “main villain” of season 4 in my story. his basic abilities are ice.


It’s looks ok but I think it would look better if you used a higher quality render

I recommend using blue render for better images, you can see some of my LDD mocs and all use blue render, the added bonus is you can make them insanely high resolution.

@RogueToa @Kardax thanks for your feedback. i would probs use a render program, but last time i tried one it seriously bugged my computer.

A bit too blocky for my taste, oh, and…



Not bad. A bit blocky, but it looks good either way.

Thank you for the feedback. the idea was to simulate a block of packed ice.

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