Kronus the soul hunter

The newest version of my self-MOC from early 2016.


Nice, i like it!

It’s head looks upside down.

Looks pretty good. Would be nice if there was at least a little bit of tan in the legs to match the arms and the chest

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Looks like he wandered in straight out of Dark Souls. Pretty appropriate for the ‘soul hunter’. I actually rather like the use of an upturned avohkii for the head; it does look like some kind of jagged helmet design in this way.

@Huichelaar Dadum tssss

@BioKnight Since this dude is supposed to be human, the tan represents his skin.

@Scorpion_Strike Most of my MOCs are inspired by dark souls, I absolutely love this game :heart_eyes:
The head isn’t supposed to represent a helmet though, it was my failed attempt to give him hairs XD

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Pretty cool! The scythe has a nice design and the color distribution works well in looking like armor on skin.

Looks cool,

Little different from my Kronus:

Looks pretty nice. Everything seems to flow well

Not bad, though I do have some complaints,
Mostly stemming from this supposing to be human,
For one, the proportions feel wrong, though considering we don’t get a single front shot it’s hard to tell,
Secondly, the head is awful for a human, especially since you were attempting hair, I highly recommend a custom preferably brick built head,
Thirdly and most importantly, those shoulders are painfully exposed, you need to cover them with something, whether that be g2 masks or star Wars shoulders.

@Payinku Thanks for your critique

  1. yes that Head looks bad, I tried myself on a custom brick head…and failed. And in my laziness, I just used this head design my self-MOC had for a long time
  2. I didn’t had any matching pieces to cover the shoulders at that point
    Also, I wasn’t that satisfied with my self-MOC either, so I scrapped him one or two weeks after building him XD
    PS: If I remember correctly though, the proportions were pretty alright :thinking:

@JordanWill I guess XD

@Calebmar12 Thanks :grinning:

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Has a lot of personality which i like, and the weapon choice is perfect for the look of the character, also i just genuinely like most of if not all the design choices made here. Solid self-moc man

Cool design. Like the weapon.

@AdamusTheFirst Thx :slight_smile:

@Jayfa Thank you

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I love the makeshift emo hair

Thx :3