Ksz The amazing Spider-Man

Hellow welcome to kulta bootleg reviews from magical world of China.
I recently acquired a set from AliExpress base on everybody’s favorite spooderman .
yes the Chinese are beating Lego to their game with new recolors and designs.

As of now I haven’t seen anybody review this specific figure AKA superior Spider-Man the only one.
This it came from the KSZ brand which previous sets were lego ideas Star Wars cuscoo ultrabuild. I currently own Boba fett.
Now for bootlegs sometimes you get recolors, example for this set you get following pearl gold sw armor for legs, umarak horn pieces in pearl gold, trans red 2016 brain ,custom printed spider Man logo onto red sw armor and new spider man mold for the head.

The build is very standard somewhat between starwars and bionicle design.
Overall his size is 24 cm so between Darth Vader and makuta
Over the set is very good quality for knock off, only wish back of legs where covered.


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