Kuan, Toa of Fire

I was once known as the greatest mask maker in Ta-Metru. Things changed when I got that stone…

Oh yeah.

For context, I play in an online Bionicle RPG titled “The Powers of
Old,” wherein I portray Kuan, the powerful toa of fire and leader of the
heroes. I decided to build a MOC of my character in the RPG. This is
the result.

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Kuan is very loyal, and will fiercely protect his friends. He is also a
fearless tactician, and a skilled mathematician. He wears a customized
mask of speed he made as a matoran, with a high-tech scope that enables
him to see things at a great distance, through smoke and flame, and in
the dark. In addition to this, he possesses a great mask of
enlightenment. As for armaments, Kuan wields the fearsome blade, Tyrant’s Familiar, A flaming white greatsword, which he can use to channel his powers of fire.

I used a modified maxilos torso, because it renders itself
fantastically to two handed weapons, and because it fit the armor scheme
very well.


The Maxilos torso really sticks out, id say to make an actual torso for him.
Also you should redistribute his bulk better, his torso is massive but his limbs are really spindly and thin.

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That scope…

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I like it, especially the custom parts, but the torso should be custom, instead of Maxilos’ torso imo.