Kudika, Toa of Air

This MOC won 1st place in @Vicroen's Inika Build Challenge, so I figured I'd make a topic for it.

Name: Kudika
Species: Toa
Element: Air
Mask: Tryna
Tools: Hurricane Glaive, Air Claw, Shadow Cannon.

Combat Stance

As a Matoran, Kudika enjoyed tinkering with and modifying things. So when he became a Toa, he decided to give himself more beastlike attributes to suit the jungle environment of Le-Wahi, these being his Piraka feet; the claw on his left hand as a secondary Toa tool; and a pair of insectoid wings on his back.

His Hurricane Glaive, in addition to channeling his power over air, is able to absorb air from the environment through the butt of the staff and release it through the blades at increased velocities and pressures - ranging from the hurricanes for which it is named to sharp blasts of wind able to cut through solid objects.

Back View

Front View

These wings are used to make himself appear larger, to discourage hostile Rahi from attacking him.

They can also be used in conjunction with his power over air to allow limited flight.

He also attached his mask to his back with a cable, so that if his mask were to ever be knocked off, he could simply put it back on without fear of losing it.

Something that constantly irked Kudika about his fellow Matoran, Toa and the Turaga was their binary view that darkness was inherently evil. Wishing to prove that darkness can be used for good, he equipped himself with a Shadow Cannon on his left arm. While he can't fire pure darkness from it, he can channel his power of air through it, which the cannon will then lace with dark elemental energy, and fire it from the cannon.

Though already on thin ice with his fellow Toa due to wearing a Tryna, Kudika is confident he will succeed in his goal.


Looks pretty cool

reminds me a little of my sniper, but that just the metru green

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That's cool!
I like the way he holds his weapon.


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You beat me...

Actually, this MOC is a lot better than mine. Congrats for first place.

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Thanks, man!

The Toa Inika were actually just partially Lightning powered due to their creation by the Red Star. Any power they used was imbued with Lightning.

Just saying. :stuck_out_tongue:

MOC isn't out of this world due to it's origins, I must say, the staff is pretty cool.


that staff is amazing.

10/10 would build - IGN

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Nice. Didn't read it because I am too lazy, but I think the build looks nice. How many sets did you use for pieces to make this? Just wondering. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Ekorak Ah, okay. Thanks for correcting me!
I've only recently been getting back into the story XD

Haha, fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm not sure, I really just have a big bag of parts. But Kongu Inika, Matoro Inika and Mahri, and Zaktan are the obvious ones, plus Matau's Aero Slicers on the glaive, so that's 5.
The Vohtarak pincers and Keelerak feet make 7.
And the cannon is from the Tower of Toa set.
So pieces from at least 8 sets went into this XD

Edited for Double Post - Waj. Please read this, thanks! :smile:

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Ok first love the weapon design, second love how you kept the color scheme still in tact!, third awesome moc!

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This guy looks pretty Fantasti-cool™, I really like it! I think he could use the silver a tad more spread out, though.


@Das101fulYT Thank you! :smiley:

@PekekoaOfJungle Thanks!

Yeah, I agree. I didn't have that many silver parts, so I went for a more concentrated colour scheme :confused:

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