Kulta, The Skull Lord - (Combiner MOC)

Kulta is at the ends of his rope. His army dissolved, his lieutenants defeated; it seemed he was at a loss. However, with the rediscovered Mask of Creation in his grasps, the Toa Masters must now go against a foe far stronger than any of them alone. Will they triumph, or has Okoto lost their only chance of survival?

With this combiner model, I wanted to make a Skull Grinder at the edge of his remaining sanity. Using the Mask of Creation, he took the defeated Lord of Skull Spiders and the corpse of a Skull Scorpio into his body, transforming him into mutant, deranged sociopath. The anger towards Ekimu, along with the feral thoughts of two animals mutated his image into a deformed reflection of himself and the image of the person he has to thank for his new life. His design is meant to enforce the concept of “forced amalgamation” that birthed this model. He retains his bipedal stature, but his body now harbors the corpses of two other beings in his own. Regardless of the feral thoughts that protrude through his psyche, he retains his cold demeanor and sadistic intent. With the new found power of creation must come the destruction of those in his path.

The execution of the legs borrows heavily from the design of “Kulta Kai” by DrScorpioX.

Parts used:
Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder (minus Ekimu)
Skull Scorpio
Lord of Skull Spiders


More pictures would be appreciated

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Looks pretty cool

The arms are too short. It’s pretty interesting overall.

the moc looks great, but more pictures would be nice.

nevermind, just saw the album.

Yeah, I figured. I moved the friction extensions from the top of his legs to his elbows, and it does even out his proportions slightly. It does make him slightly shorter, which does make the comparison to my other Skull Villian Combiner Moc, Skull Guardian a little off. The change is shown the gallery of that moc.