Kuroc, Toa of Light (Tablescrap)

The creation of this moc began months ago when I decided that I wanted to give a villager moc of mine a toa form. I had wanted to use the golden armor pieces from ekimu as a helmet and thus this tablescrap was born. The end result looks more like a Pop figure than a toa. It is almost comically disproportionate. So any advice on how to make this better would be much appreciated.

He built himself a little robot buddy.

Side Shots

Back Shots

His backpack can charge his robot.

Additional Photos

A closeup of Kuroc’s toolbox (Still contains the same tools that his villager form had)

An alternate weapon, the energy saw.

[details=Lore and stuff]Transforming into a toa didn’t change much for Kuroc. Nothing could change his nomadic nature nor stop him from doing what he was best at. Becoming a toa just meant that Kuroc could now help the many villages of Okoto in more ways than one. Armed with a golden javelin, an energy saw, and new elemental abilities,
Kuroc now finds himself doing more for his people than ever before.[/details]


the pictures are pretty small… but from what i can see the moc looks really cool

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Eh. I mean he is alright, but I can’t really think of anything that would help the build without redoing it entirely.

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That is because, for some odd reason, whenever I upload pictures normally, the come up sideways and squashed. I have to upload them on flickr and move them here so that they appear normally even though a bit smaller.

I can’t really see what’s going on, but I don’t understand why he don’t have a face.

I had that problem too. When I check the properties of my photos through my phone, it turns out that my pictures were orientated 90 degree even though it doesn’t seem like it. So all I did was edit the picture ever so slightly (eg. cropping the picture) and its orientation is back to 0 degree.

I hope that your facing the exact same problem as I am and that this will help you

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Thank you. This solution has been long needed.

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Your Welcome :slight_smile:

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