Kuu-Gar Sinh V1

I'm probably one of the first few people on earth to use the new Star Wars CCBS pieces to build a fan character for Star Wars...

I dismantled my Griffin MOC just to build this guy.

I see Ku-Gar Sinh as a force sensitive being, but he is neither a Jedi or a Sith (or Knights of Ren either), instead he is of an order that is exclusive to his species and home world.
He works for the government of his home world which is part of an imperial remnant that kept the pomp and circumstance of the Empire, but did away with its form of governing.

If it's not obvious his name is a play on 'Cougar Singh'. Singh is the Sanskrit word for 'lion' as well as a class warrior in India


needs a little work on the torso :smile: