Kylo Ren Revamp WIP


You cut a pieces :scream:
Anyway this is actually a pretty good revamp, good job

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This is just so great. I love it.

I really like the arms, but not a fan of the hands, and the crossguard looks odd with those barraki eyes. Overall nice WIP!


On the lightsaber the piece the connects the blade



Looking good however the one thing I would say is that the fingers may be a little too big. A good way around this I’ve found is to use the exo force robot mini fig hands as fingers instead. :slight_smile:

This is really fantastic looking, especially the arms. :smile:

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This is extremely good. Very close to the movie. Now all we need is Kylo Ren stabbing a red Solo cup… Oh, wait, was it too soon? :sweat_smile:

What Im wondering is if you are going to do the hood? And if so, how?

Well here we go.

Truck ton better then what Lego gave us (I really didn’t care for that set at all.)
The arms look really good, but that’s just an opinion, my opinion.
It’s kind of hard to tell how the legs are built though.
I like any MOC with good looking custom hands.
I dislike the exposed red pin at the bottom of the sword!
Or the Blue pin on the sword as well.
Overall I love the sword for the most part.
I also don’t like how this is Kylo Ren (I really dislike Kylo Ren).

Anyway I find this revamp groovy.
I just saw that cut piece, and bravo, bravo. I disliked that piece, with a passion.

ohh, that explains how the blade fit so close…


I must say, this is a brilliant revamp! The “arm wrappings” type design was done well, something that can look too weird/spindly if not done right. I also really like the redesign of his Lightsaber, the only thing that throws me off is the red axle at the pommel of the handle, what purpose does that serve?

Very close to the Movie form. But is there any armor on the thighs?

Everything is Awesome but those three fingers are weird

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The arms look great, but the cross guard of the light saber looks a bit weird

Wow bruh you got skills to pay bills hardcore this is amazing!

Extremely accurate. It’s the edgemeister himself.

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This looks very well built and creative. I honestly can’t find much wrong with this.