Kyo Revamp

So, if any of you remember, Kyo was that really edgy Gunmen based on Guts from Berserk. Well, after changing him because his torso was horrible, and finally getting tired of it, I decided to revamp, basing him more on Viral’s Gunmen. The legs were the only thing to not go through drastic changes.

No Armor

Gotta have that pilot.

I decided to add a head, that with some minor deconstruction, can be added

Fellow Gainax inspired mechs.

Well, that concludes this revamp. I was really happy with the shoulder articulation. Adding that mixel ball joint helps a lot.

Critiques? Thoughts? Tell me what you think



I personally prefer the last iteration. I feel like the lack of a head works better on a stockier figure, l just feel like it doesn’t work well without it. The last iteration had a more distinct face, lower jaw and all, and I think that looked good with stocky limbs, even with or without a normal head. I feel like this only works when the head is added.


The edgelord is back in black.


Not bad, I think the addition of the head gives him a much better look.

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It looks like a mobile suit from MS Gundam but still cool

This reminds me of gurren lagann

Well, that’s a good sign…


It looks like senketsu, but as a gunman.

That said I do rather like this, gunman senketsu is a cool look.

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@Payinku I know, Right?! I thought at first it was a Kill la kill X Gunman MOC rather than Berserk X Gunmen… It doesn’t seem very Guts-ish, like the blade doesn’t look like the Dragonslayer at all… and the colors…

Yet, @Omega_Tahu, dude, you really did a great job on this creation - I really like it! It’s a nice and quite distinct MOC with a nice build and attention to detail, with the MOC itself being quite small compared to most of other system creations I see… Although Last version seemed to have more distinct and overall better-made chest-face which gave it more character than this one does…It definitely still looks really awesome though!

Yeah, I agree that it could look more like guts. I’ll probably change this in the future.

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Honestly I’d rather you just go full senketsu, and make another that’s more guts-like.

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