Kyo The Berserk Gunmen V2

So, in a story Kyo got beat up by my Eva, so mandatory upgrade. Also, now has a cannon arm like Guts.

Really I just made the limbs longer and gave it a head, and some other minor changes. But I can’t remember the last version I posted here, so there might be more that changed from the last time you saw him.

So, what do you think? C&C welcome!




so you have this weird universe where basically anything from an anime you like is crossovered?

seriously how does this work


It doesn’t really look like a Gunmen anymore…


Not really. Maybe. It’s not really an eva, but the design is an eva.

More like a Gurren Lagann ripoff. The head can be detached.

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I like it.

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Edgy McEdgepants returns with style.


I decided to take pictures without the head. Does it look more Gunmen-esque now @EvilLobsterKing?


Very much so,…

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Its cool, but looks a bit blocky in my opinion, then again I’m not sure how you would fix that. Still can’t say it doesn’t look like a Gunmen.

Yeah, I see that. I thought about it, but changing it would require an entirely new torso design, plus fitting a pilot in this was tough enough. I’ll definitly try to remedy the blockiness in the future though.

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