Kytros: prophet of okoto

Kytros was once part of a herd of his species which were wiped out when Ekimu fought Makuta. Kytros doesn't have a mask but has the natural ability to shape-shift into anyone who is dead, asleep, or in a coma. Most of the villagers don't believe that any of Kytros species exist anymore although the Protectors have seen him disguising himself as Ekimus body who told them of how to summon the Toa. Before Ekimus defeat he was working on a mask designed for Kytros that had the power to change species.


backstory seems alright

where's his head tho


the chronicler staffs are eyes

so the two pohatu claws on the sides are his mouths? Or...?

he eats skull spiders

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The backstory is great, but the MOC is really amazing!

Hope you win! smile

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