Land of Anguish: Windstorm (Yet Another Adventure)

So, I've wanted to do something like this for a while. I hadn't quite known how to execute it, but considering there seems to be a surge in popularity for these kinds of games, I decided "why not".

>Begin Game

It is about 16 years from now that a young adventurer will reach his coming of age under the eyes of the Nomads, and set off for his days of metamorphosis.

The aforementioned adventurer, yet to be born, shall be made by blood of both the Divine blood and the blood of the Nomadic, one of the many races of man. Whether the divine creature would father or mother our protagonist is what I shall leave in your hands.

Pick wisely, for your choice shall decide both his capabilities and how he is perceived by those he shall meet.

Human Father-Inherited properties will be more mental than physical. He will gain most of the magical abilities and very few physical ones.
Human Mother-Inherited properties will be more physical than mental. He will gain most of the physical abilities and very few magical ones.

>Author's Notes: Open
If you have any questions about the setting, I'll answer them for you.

Human Father.

Human Father.

Human Father. Can he use a spell called Onu-Vo (Earthen Lightning)?

No. Actually, if I ever get back to this, then after this we'll decide. what spells the adventurer will be able to naturally use.

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Our child is of the Divine, but a Divine of what sort? A child of a Divine will already start out in favor with their patron

Resistant to extreme temperatures
Magic- Pick One: Pyromancy, Cryomancy, or Brontomancy
Patron God: Belial, God of Chaos

Born to wield the blade
Magic- Battle Auras
Patron God- Demias, God of Order

Considered undead
Magic- Can travel between The Cosmos (our universe) and Purgatory (a twisted version of our universe)
Patron God- Angra, God of Want

Can see and talk to Ghosts
Magic- Weather
Patron God- Sophia, God of The End

Loved by non-sapient animals, Generally liked by sapient ones
Magic- Healing
Patron God: Epona, God of Compassion

Utterly unremarkable
Magic- None
Patron God- None

There are other Divine, but either they could have any mutually consensual relationship with a Mortal, or they can't sexually reproduce.
Archon- Big Robo-Angels, can't reproduce. Patron God is Demias.
Blank- Refuse to mate with humans without passing on diseases. Patron God is Hastur, God of Gift.
Byakhee- Too kinky, even for Nomads. Patron God is Hastur.
Daemon- Cells of the Gods, reproduce asexually. Every God has his own unique Daemons.
Elementals-Can't reproduce, though, unlike the others, you could probably at least try with some of them. Patron God is Alastor, God of Mind.


I say Angel or Demon.

Should be an angel, blades are the business...

Our hero has been chosen to be birthed from an Angel.

Finally, is our hero a boy or a girl? And what is his name?

the hero should be a girl. her name should be Astronos.

Boy. Named Jace.

Thus they shall be named Tuba, and be of the female gender...