Lariska La Forge

Hello, everyone!

I decided to make this Moc and enter it in the DuckBricks contest.

In canon, she doesn’t use any mask, so, naturally, I gave her a Geordi La Forge visor. I’m actually really happy with how it looks.

And here’s a link to the model.
Lariska moc from BrickLink Studio [BrickLink]

Thanks for checking it out!


Just keep her away from any attractive holograms.


This is a pretty good MOC. The body shape is fitting for Lariska and the head design is fun.

You should render her though. It’ll make her look even better!


I really like this.

The colour distribution is pretty good, the left arm is suitably mechanical-looking, and the head design is awesome. It’s simple enough to be built with mostly basic pieces (and in different colours), but it still looks like an actual head/face with personality.

Speaking of the head:

But that doesn’t mean she can’t; I don’t know if you did this on purpose, but this head design is totally capable of wearing at least a few stud-type masks with the simple addition of the One Ring piece from the Lord Of The Rings sets:


ooo looks great!

Pretty cool. The head is different from others, but it is kinda cool.

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it.

I think you’re right about the render, I should try to figure that out.

Thanks! I didn’t want to just color swap the right arm to make the mechanical one, I really wanted to have a new design that is more mechanical looking.

I also think it’s kind of fun to have a slight difference in proportions between the arms.

I forgot to mention this, but I designed her to be purest. I’m 99% sure that everything there is buildable in real life.

Your ring of power technique is awesome!
It works really well in real life too!

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neat use of the lower dragon jaw on her chest