Lariska, the Dark Huntress

" I know where all my enemies are. After all, I’m the one who buried them. "
— Lariska to Hakann, [Legacy of Evil]

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on the platform and I decided to start with my interpretation of Lariska that I will use in the Duckbricks fanon constest. I started posting on my instragam page, now let’s try it here.

My main goal with my version was to try to build a Lariska that respects all the canonical aspects released and commented by Greg.

  • Design Development

As for the design as a whole, I got a lot of inspiration from the appearance of samurai and ninjas, especially those samurai who wear demonic masks (an idea that came after I saw Lariska’s sketch from Bukkey)

  • Leg Design

Being an excellent acrobat, I thought of her having strong legs all around so she could do great leaps and bounds.

  • Right arm

About the right arm, I didn’t want it to be very pump, and want to follow the same design pattern as the leg. Curved and smooth parts and Technic parts .

  • Left arm

About the left arm, I wanted it to be 100% technic or at least appear to be 100% mechanical when compared to the rest of her limbs. I extended the mechanical part with silver parts to the extension of her breastplate.

The idea that it was a region adapted to receive the prosthesis, as done in biomedicine and used a lot in Fullmetal Alchemist, and Intentionally use the Technic Ball Joint with Through Axle Hole to show the red pin as if it were an exposed mechanism.


  • Torso Design

In canon, it is said that she moves gracefully. With that in mind, I tried to give her a little more attention to flexibility. So she has movable shoulders and a torso with a joint right at the base.

  • Head Design

Now the head was the hardest part, making something that resembled the demonic silhouette that I wanted, even for it to live up to what Shadow one says, I wanted a head that was not friendly at all and that had the functionality to wear masks when needed. I used some vortixx references: use of Vahki’s head as a base for building her head and presence of hair.

" I am leaving the island for a short while. You will oversee things here in my absence. "
" Why me? "
" Because the other Dark Hunters are afraid of you. And you are afraid of me. "
— The Shadowed One and Lariska, Time Trap



The daggers I use Phantoka Kopaka’s blades because with them I can use lego katanas to complement their design and even change color when needed to represent a type of poison

I built 9 just because I had spare parts and to show the variety of combinations that this design allows to create, but for the competition I’m only going to use 4 because it’s the most my Lariska can carry, two on the back and one on each thigh. I chose to use two silvers (clean), one green and one tane (two types of poison)

Kanohi Mask

With the left arm design, it is possible for Lariska to carry a mask with her in case she decides to use it on a mission, as if it were a combat tool, which you take with you in case you need it. Or not, as she almost never wears it, she barely appears wearing a mask on her shoulder.

And talking about her ability to use a kanohi mask, by my tests, she can use all the toa mata, turaga and toa nuva masks, including the takanuva and teridax masks, some metru masks she can but not all. Inadvertently, she also manages to wear a Krana. For more details on how this connection is made, there is a video on my instagram showing it.

Canonical description

In this topic I will check the canonical details of Lariska


  • “She is an agile and graceful mercenary”. I believe so, because thanks to her flexible torso, it is possible to put her in different poses and she is a very stable set.


  • Legs

  • Arms

  • torso

  • Head


During the construction of Lariska, I ended up creating two things. One of them is a really cool mechanical arm, but as the part is rare and expensive, and I can’t find an online bootleg store that does the same, I decided not to use it for the competition, at least for now.

The second is a dagger and mask holder for her, just using the pieces from the creator street racer 31127 set. I had bought it to use some of the pieces in my Lariska, and as there was a lot left, I decided to try to assemble it. It can store 10 daggers and 3 masks. It is also not part of the competition set.


I really like her mechanical arm, a nice compact design that compliments her natural arm. Also the mask connection technique is really clever, simple and versatile. Those are the things that really stood out to me, anyway.



Oh, excellent! I’ve been following you over on instagram for a bit, so it’s cool to see you around here too! This is definitely one of my favorite Lariska mocs out there; I love the head so much. I think my only worry is how much third-party parts are necessary for the prosthetic, but that’s more due to personal preference. Hope to see you go far, I’ll definitely be voting for you!


ooo this looks rlly cool!

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That head design is pretty unique, plus the inclusion of red in the colour scheme is nice.