Lariska, The Greatest Dark Hunter

This is my entry into the Duckbricks fanon contest, and I hope you like this rendition of the ultimate BIONICLE femme fetal, Lariska.

My version is roughly the height of a Toa Inika, perhaps a smidge taller. I’ve tinkered with this design for almost a year, and has gone through multiple reworks. The one constant, however, was her gear-articulated torso, which operates similar to that of a Son of Makuta. I really only wanted her to show as teal and black, excluding her mechanical arm and eyes, obviously, and I am proud to say I was able to create a stable design that does fit this cohesive design. Sadly, three Bohrok Va had to give their lives, and their black pins.

I purposefully did not exaggerate her frame to be as femininely shaped as much as many other fantastic models, as I always pictured her like more of a GI Jane type figure. While this might not be the best logic, I can’t recall her features being described as surprising, or at odds with her ability. I think that she’s likely one of those Hunters that likely one look at her tells you that she’s a powerhouse.

I also did not choose a mechanical arm that was severely different from her right arm, as the Shadowed One wanted to punish Lariska, not handicap his most effective agent. Thus, I think he would have ordered an arm that would have functioned as close to her original limb as possible, but still obviously not subtle.

She’s very stable, and can be put in a decent number of poses, as befits her character. Her daggers, which can be held comfortably regardless of which direction the blade faces, can be clipped on her hips, should she choose not to be holding them for a rare moment.

While these are far from the only pictures I have of her, here is the link to her breakdown, should you want to look into her design more closely. Lariska Breakdowns | Flickr

I hope you like her, and good luck to all other participants in this contest!


Looks cool! I like the turquoise greebly bits and the mechanical arm is nice. Great moc


@Rukah Thanks a lot! Thrilled you like her.

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