Lariska, the turquoise assassin (Duckbricks Fanon contest entry)

So, after the sucess of the two first fanon contests, a third will soon happen, and it will concern Lariska. So I updated my first model i did month ago to enter this contest, and here is the result.

Some poses

Some Story moments with the character

The departure of the Shadowed one to metru Nui in Time trap
Lariska_9 (V2)-removebg-preview

The federation of fear
Federation of fear-removebg-preview

It includes a normal throwing dagger plus a protosteel dagger, both modelized by myself. Many sizes are available.

These dagger can be stored in her back when no used.

Here is a size comparison with a toa Inika

Breakdown photos.





Capture d’écran (1448)


Capture d’écran (1471)

And a turnaround

Note: If we except the daggers that are custom part and the metru-toran torso armor that require paint, every other pieces can be found in official sets at a decent price on bricklink.

Link to the file: Lariska - Google Drive

I hope you will appreciate this modell and that it will convince you during the final selection. Every constructive suggestions to enhance the modell are welcome


ah this moc looks pretty neat. Your custom part and head design are cool, only issue is that the thighs look a bit too wide from the sides.

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Thank you.
Effectively, they are a bit wide. In my older version, I used Inika thight armor in turquoise, but with this moc (although it doesn’t seems to be really an important criteria for the public in these contests), I wanted to make it as accessible as possible, what implies to reduce as much as possible rare and expensive parts, custom design and painted parts, in the limit of my appreciation. So I have to find something else.

I personally think that wide thight could implies they are powerful, what fit for an acrobat such as Lariska, but if it is not aesthetic as expected, I’ll modify that.

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Is it better like this ?

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Oh has the Lariska contest started already? If so I better get to posting mine. Also before I forget nice take

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Nah, the metru cover breaks up the solid turquoise block

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It hasn’t started quite yet, but it’s coming soon (sometime in early September iirc). I ought to start working on mine soon since I always run out time.

Slizer heads might work well as thigh armor


hmm that sounds like a good idea

The custom head is pretty cool. It’s a little more similar to Roodaka’s than I might like, but the crest really helps set it apart.


that looks great!

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Those original dagger pieces definitely make this MOC a lot more special. Good luck in the contest.


I see.
And like this ?


Hmmm maybe

How would Slizer heads look?

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It would look like this.

Both technique are pretty good to be honest, so I don’t know which one choose.

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Thank you. I appreciate that.

Hope you will win the small category Bota Magna contest, the silvaure was probably the best looking and the most pertinent with the tremgon among the ones that have been chosen.

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I personally like the slim system technique over the slizer heads. While they both slim down the side profile, the slizer heads make the front look kinda rectangular. The smaller system build seems to be a good balance, just my five cents.

I really like this design, the parts usage works great for the era and I really appreciate that the mechanical arm isn’t bulky and overly robotic.



I like it, more of a simple build, but still athletic and threatening.

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Nice build

screams something about her looking like a vortixx

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No one said the back of her head didn’t look like a Vortixx.

nice Lariskat

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