Lariska: The Wise, Wonderful, and Gloriously Homicidal (Fanon Contest #3)

" First lesson, Rahi bones. Don’t turn your back on an enemy until you’re sure she’s stopped breathing. And don’t turn your back on a Dark Hunter until her body has rotted in the sun and her armor’s been scattered to the winds. "
— Lariska

Here is my entry for DuckBrick’s Lariska Fanon Contest Entry.

Consisting of a few painted part, that being the CCBS shell on her right arm and the Mask of Repulsion (Made by the ever talented Galva_)

The rest of the moc is entirely made of existing pieces! So no need to paint a heck ton of parts.

[Breakdown Pictures]

[360 View]

[Additional Renders]

[The ol’ Ninja Salute]

[Lariska with her daggers]

[Lariska with the Contest Prize Daggers]

[“Guess I’ll die…”]

Let me know what you think below!!

Update 27/09/2022:

  • Updated Chest Armor stability as well as swapped around a few minor parts.

After building the moc myself IRL (Yes I built it AFTER I made the Studio Model) I found a few stability issues that I quickly patched up. My only concern now is the mask connecting, trying it with some Nuva masks I had around showed it wasn’t very stable. Very loose or wouldn’t stick at all, but I’m sure with a 3D printed mask it would be a different story so I’m holding out on hope



Nice, I really like the head-construction. :slight_smile:


This captures the nimble stature I imagine Lariska having better than many designs I’ve seen. The non-slizer head is refreshing too.


I’m getting a bit of a mirimax vibe from this. Ditto on the stuff Underscore said too.

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Fairly good, tbh the mask works for her.
The prosthetic arm is pretty good looking.

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