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My entry to DuckBricks’ Dark Hunter Lariska contest. I began this build in 2020, hoping to enter it into the TTV canon contests before they ended.

My main goals were to make Lariska seem quick, tense, and menacing. Even when she’s idle, I hope she looks coiled up and ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

I also wanted Lariska to have that distinct coarse, threatening look that many classic Dark Hunters have. As far as I know, this Lariska only includes parts from 2005 or earlier (with the exception of her protosteel daggers, which she acquired late in the story). As a result, Lariska would have been buildable when Time Trap and Dark Hunters were published.

Other features worth mentioning include her feet, which are meant to evoke running shoes, and her utilitarian mechanical arm, featuring a hand she can swap out as needed.

Thank you for looking. Please let me know what you think!


Looks a bit… spindly, but overall it’s a good moc. The head looks pretty neat.

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Simple but effective. I like it.


Thank you for the feedback! Honestly the creepy spindly look was what I was going for, so it’s good that came across–although I can appreciate how some might find it a bit much. And I’m glad you like the head!

That’s kind of you to say. Hitting the right notes without overbuilding the model was a challenge, especially with restricted parts. Thank you!


looks great!

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The mechanical arm and the hand-swapping gimmick is really nice. But I think said arm might have too many joints. And maybe If you could move the mechanical shoulder closer to her chest?


I completely forgot that those slider heads came in teal, might have to pick me up some now.

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really cool head design and neat use of those shock absorbers!

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Thank you!

Thanks! Yeah that extra shoulder joint makes it look kind of weird. I was hoping it would look awkwardly grafted on, but I’m down to try something more natural looking, if not in time for the entry period then at least for the future.

If only they came in purple too…

Thanks! The shock absorbers had to make it in there somehow, if only because I have so few teal parts. :stuck_out_tongue: