"Last time on Bionicle: Nuva"

"Last time on Bionicle:Nuva! Toa Tahu has been poisoned by the Vile Lerahk and has been going on a rampage on the once peaceful island of Mata Nui. Only one has a chance to stand up against him, once great friend and rival Kopaka! How will this warrior of Ice take on his fiery Brother? Watch right now!



very nice.

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It looks pretty cool, I like the style.

Is that a JoJo?

No, it’s a DB reference. not every menacing walk is a Jojo reference


I definitely knew that.

you have a great art style!

i’d watch anime if it was a bonkle anime

sorry ghid

Tahu would say “I AM THE HYPE!”

We need more of these so we can eventually get ultra instinct Kopaka!

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Very interesting art style. Kind of makes them look like super sentai characters.

Oww now I see it’s a DragonBall reference lol I should have gotten that from the title. lol