Latest LDD Updates

Alright, so if you’re like me, you thought that LDD was discontinued. According to Brickset, it’s not: New version of LDD released | Brickset.

Some of the new updates include the 2015 stud shooter, the new 3M axle with a standard stopper, the axe blades for 2015 Gali and Skull Basher, the stormerangs for 2015 Pohatu, the new 2016 gear piece with a pin hole, and the skull ribcage piece. The article includes a PDF listing off all of the new parts; I’ll post pictures when I can.


I just find it very interesting they added the 2015 eyestalk, but not the head.

I wonder if they’re holding it off until a later update along with the masks, assuming they’re working on coding that new connection.


When it comes to constraction, LDD generally adds on the pieces that are the most compatible with others first; due to that an eyestalk would be added before an even more specialized head piece. At least an eyestalk has a technic pinhole that allows it to be easily added to other surfaces.

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Isn’t this already a topic?

Also, I just went to the download page and I noticed this:

Does this mean that it’s not yet available for Windows 10?

Are we allowed to revive topics that are over 6 months old here?

Just because it requires a certain OS as a minimum doesn’t ever mean that it won’t work on later ones.

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I have Windows 10, it works for me.


Ok, thanks!

You can revive any topic no matter how old on here.

We are but I don’t know if this warrants a new topic or not.

Rest easy I’ll summon the mods.

Yup topic can stay.


the program was always here but you can’t order your sets anymore

Actually there was a big scare that they would stop updating the program.

see here for deets: RIP LDD | Brickset

Cool to see these now in LDD. I wanna go mess around with them right now.

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Yeah, as far as I understand, Lego released an official statement on how the program was getting discontinued altogether. Seems as though that was either a false quotation, or that they reconsidered their decision.

That’s been old news for a while; sorry.

I typically don’t use LDD too much, though I may start using it for visualizing MOCs since this new update.

Nice job, LEGO, let’s add the new gizmos and not the gizmos that only work with the gizmos.

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Honestly I think the reason as to why the 2015 head and masks werent included is due to the fact that the devs are still figuring out the odd attachment point


Does LDD auto-update, or no? If not, where can I get the update?

I doubt that a non-standard connection point would be an issue for a digital visualization program; no actual connecting is involved.

It should update right away if you have a solid internet connection. If you don’t, I would head to the relevant article on eurobricks right here: LDD 4.3.9 Update Released - Digital LEGO: Tools, Techniques, and Projects - Eurobricks Forums

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