Lava Beast -GK733


3cool5me, Amazing job, d00d.

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every time i see good artwork like this, it really gives me good reason why i should just quit drawing when i know that i will never live up to this level of talent.

Pretty cool, but the upper legs are a bit bulky for my taste.

I really like this!
Awesome job!

Very nice

Big meaty thighs are where it is Bruh. XP

Nice drawing though.

Wow. :open_mouth:

I wish that the set looked as full and organic as this! I love how you interpreted the rib detail; it gives LB a very otherworldly and alien appearance. The legs look very nice. Now he looks less like a chicken (The legs on the set look chicken-like to me) and more like a dragon. The head design is the icing on the cake. Props to you! Great artwork, as always.

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When crystals and rock were "organic"
This fellow will be.


This, but I love the position you drew it in.

Great job, as usual.

Just amazing.

I love the (and may I add much needed) artistic liberties you took with this guy. You pulled off the biomechanical look flawlessly, and actually reminded me of the days of old. Back when bionicle G1 was releasing comics to go along with their sets. If G2 ever made comics like G1 did, this looks like it’d be ripped straight from them with the high level of detail you put into this.


this is awesome and I love it