Lava Beast possessed Tahu Uniter

yeah its just a color swap, but hey.


I kinda like it, it kinda mixes the elemental drain effect and the infected mask effect, and I like it.


The colors (aside from the hau) don’t really remind me of tahu or lava beast

I don’t like it much, the colors don’t make sense to me and the mask really doesn’t help.

the color scheme is based on Umaraks new trans lime color scheme. Lava beast has Umaraks colors mixed in with its own colors.

When the beast leaks came out people speculated that the (then gunmetal/trans neon green) masks would be corrupted versions of the uniter masks. that the beasts would use to corrupt the toa and set them up against each other.

So I changed tahu’s trans color to trans lime so it would match the mask trans color and made the rest of his body gunmetal.

If I had it my way the mask would still be trans neon green with gunmetal and the color scheme would have matched that.


Looks good, and drained. Which I guess is what you were going for.

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I enjoy the concept here. The decision to go with the color palette you did feels very appropriate. It effectively conveys as though Tahu is being overtaken by an infection, quickly draining his elemental powers until only his mask remains.


Needs a little more red… Just more of a hint other than the mask.

The color scheme looks a lot better than I would think. I wonder if Ikir would be possible…

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For it only being a color swap, I really like it. My only gripe is that the mask sticks out like a sore thumb, due to the color. It would be really neat to see something like this with the Kopaka and Onua infected masks.

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Pretty good, but why is the mask still red?

@Darknova3529 Oh I get it now. Cool!

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Because they don’t have it in other colors.

Oh okay

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@Aureum tag them with an “@”

Anyways, the red really stands out, but the ideal colors with trans green apple looks amazing.

I want it.


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Not what I expected, but I like it. I agree with others that it could use a hint of red elsewhere, just enough so that the mask doesn’t seem out of place.


oh okay thanks

@Chronicler so like this?

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So Like this?

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