Lava Farming [Worldbuilding] [Pitch] [Semi-canon]

As the Good-Guy pitch has been officially made canon, Lava farming has also been made somewhat-canon, though not pitched entirely.

With my failed attempt to pitch the Barraki, :sob: I’ll try to dust off my geology and botanical skills and make a pitch for Lava Farming, which is Kraatu’s job.

##Plant Harvest

  • First: River harvest

Artificial lava pool used for lava farming

  • Lava rivers are redirected to special dug up holes, which are then filled. The lava flow is then cut off and the newly created lava pool is let to cool off.
  • The dried lava is then emptied from the hole and milled into dust.

  • Second: Plant Planting
Volcanic plant growth in Mangai

  • The dust is then taken to a less geologically active part of Mangai and put into the soil, filling it with very ritch minerals.
  • Plants, mainly grapes and potatoes are planted into the soil.
  • The soil can be sold to other regions as a fertilizer. Mangai earns a great deal of it’s income through this.

  • Third: Plant harvest

Green Mangai

  • Vegetables that were planted into the soils are harvested and transported into major city states.
  • They can either be distributed among the people, traded between the city states or even traded to other regions, such as Kanae and Tiro.
    Motara and Naho are assumed to have weather conditions that support the growth of these vegetables aswell.
    Ihu does not trade with Mangai that often, thus, no trade of vegetables between the two.

##Ash harvest

Volcanic ash stones from an eruption

  • Much rarer
  • Large stones that are formed during a volcanic eruption from the cloud of ash and debree are collected after the eruption from the ground.

  • Hot springs

  • The stones can be put beneath artificial pools of water and then heated up using fire. This creates artificial hot springs which can be put into homes of ritch matorans that aren’t built on natural hot springs.

  • Trade

  • The stones can be milled into dust and sold to Kanae and Tiro. They can use it as a form of drug to get into shamanistic and druidic uncounciusness.

##Obsidian harvest

  • Obsidian, a form of volcanic glass, can be collected from volcanically active areas and used in a variety of ways.

  • Weapon making

  • Naturally sharp, obsidian can be put into pieces of wood or steel and used as an extremely deadly weapon.
  • From daggers to maces, axes, spears and even arrows.

  • Jewelry

  • Obsidian can easily be chopped into desirable shapes to create jewels any female matoran would love to have.

Does it feel a bit underwhelming from my last pitch? Well… I tried to be minimalist and explain the process of lava farming and harvest.

If you have anything to add, plesae, do so!


I had just taken the lava farming from G1.

Cool lava till hard, then use it to make weapons or use it for soil like you say here. G1 had them sell the soil to the jungles of Le-Koro.


I like the pitch, but I feel that the volcanic ash dust is wasted on just soil. Maybe some Mangaians illegally sell the dust to Kanae as a drug or whatever (dont censor me ttv pls).

RIP Barraki pitch.


I’d say the hardened lava would be for soil (when not used for weapons). Ash would make more sense for making blown glass for various purposes. It could also be for hotsprings that could be a big tourist attraction in Mangai (basically Lavaridge Town in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire)


What if lava farming isn’t technically using lava or even farming, but like taking tools to sift out materials in the lava, like panning for gold in rivers?

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Have the Early concepts of a lava filter (read farm) That I made LONG AGO.

But nobody listened.


What is interesting in the Lava farming is that most of this is not actual farming in lava. Not in the literal sense.
I like the idea of lava farming, in the sense that you can use it as fertilizer for crops and find obsidian to make weapons. However, depending on the type of lava, you can also find Iron in the lava, giving it another use for farming. Extracting Iron, and possibly a steel industry.

What is even more interesting is the size of the Magai region makes it a perfect candidate for Mafic lava. Mafic lava, being one of the types with low viscosity, travels large distances. Capable of covering an entire region and thus giving it the appearance of a volcanic zone. Mafic lava being a lava type with high ferromagnetic content could be an ideal source of Iron, as an option to mining.

I did some more research on lava and the rock formations they create.
Out of all the rocks three stood out:
Basalt, for its incredible formations as well as its use in construction, both as foundation and in fibers as an isolation medium. As well as maybe as a way to remove CO2 from the air.

Obsidian, because who doesn’t know the sharpest material on Earth.

Pumice, because it is used in so many things, from concrete (used by the Romans to build aqueducts), to erasers, exofoliants, stoenwashed jeans, erasers, pedicures, toothpastes, heavy hand soap (lava soap), to grow plants, both in normal agriculture to give air to the soil and Hydroponics, water filtration chemical spill containment, and