Lazy recycled dragon

Meh. I hade some leftovers from an old moc I made so I decided to turn that into a dragon using other spare parts I had. It isn’t realy that good but I might as well show it off here.

So thats about it. The wings are bad, the face is bad, and the color are off. I might make it better in the future but in the meantime it’s basically just a use for some extra peices that I had laying around that I put together because I was bored. Have a nice day.


I’ve always been a sucker for dragons.


The taill Is awsome

Cool dragon!
I like it overall. I think you should put some thing to serve as the inside of wings

Yea I probably should. The wings were really just an afterthought to be honest but now that I see that people like the moc, I should try to improve it. Thanks for the tip.

Wings aside, I like how this came together. The body and tail are solid in their design and appearance, and the shaping of the head has some potential.

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Cool lookin skeledragon. What’s with the rubber bands/string in his torso though?

The arms are attached to the body with horidika necks wich are held on by a single pin each. The pin itself doesn’t have a lot of friction in it so I put the rubber band there to help keep them on.

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